[Pre-Proposal] Multilingual SmartCash Explorer


Hi Everyone!

I’d like to propose a multilingual smartcash explorer.

As smartcash enjoys a worldwide user base, a multilingual explorer should be a necessary and must.

In fact, the work has been done. You can visit smart.tokenview.com to have a look.

The explorer supports both the latest block info and data analysis of smartcash, plus the rich list.

It would be great if the website can be added to the homepage of smartcash, and the page of coinmarketcap.

Of course, any donate is welcome~


Hello, good work. Please update the logo: https://smartcash.cc/wp-content/uploads/2018/03/SmartCash-Logo-S.png

Perhaps you could add a link to smartcash.cc as well.


Just send the logo to devs, they will make the update.

The info page has the website link to smart.cc.

BTW, is there any way that smart.cc can add this explorer or update it to CMC page?


You mean SmartCash.cc ? I think there is not a list of explorers there.


It’s also helpful if you can help to fill the form of CoinMarketCap, so the page of smartcash on Coinmarketcap can list this explorer.

Here is the sheet link: