[PRE-PROPOSAL] Porcupine Freedom Festival 2019 Diamond Sponsorship


There can be only one! Help me bring SmartCash to the 2019 Porcupine Freedom Festival. Let me know your thoughts on this Pre-Proposal for PocFest sponsorship.

Top-tier sponsorship of the Porcupine Freedom Festival, including speaking slots, naming rights on the event’s Main Pavilion, a SmartCash wallet setup and giveaway to attendees, and the creation of a several-day full SmartCash economy.

About PorcFest

The Porcupine Freedom Festival, described as the “largest gathering of libertarians in the world,” is the flagship event held by the Free State Project, with a projected attendance of over 1,500. The event covers a wide variety of liberty-oriented topics, including cryptocurrency, online privacy, and internet freedom. Past speakers have included Patrick Byrne, Nick Gillespie, Jeff Berwick, Jeffrey Tucker, and others known in the libertarian and cryptocurrency community.

PorcFest is the centerpiece for the Free State movement (and its associates around the world), which is one of the planet’s most cryptocurrency-friendly, including the town of Portsmouth which claims well more than one crypto-accepting brick and mortar business per 1,000 people. The community also claims several who work full-time in the crypto space.

PorcFest has been one of the most important events to the cryptocurrency revolution over the years by providing an environment where most people will use it in a practical setting. This used to be Bitcoin in years past, however, due to increasingly high fees and transaction times, it has fallen out of favor. I can ensure that SmartCash will be used as a payment processor for PorcFest tickets this year.

Benefit to the SmartCash community

If this proposal is passed, the SmartCash brand will be the most prominent name in the event. Last year, Dash had this exclusive slot, but I want to jump in first and get SmartCash that slot since there can be only a single Diamon Sponsor for PorcFest 2019. The massive banner over the “SmartCash Main Pavilion” for 1,500 libertarian and crypto attendees to see at the event, a main pavilion keynote speaker from SmartCash, a branded blog post, and so much more are the sponsorship benefits. However, I will also bring more value to this event for SmartCash. I will set up an area where people will be given free SmartCash for setting up their first SmartCash wallet. Dash did this at PorcFest last year and set up over 200 wallets. I will ensure a vending spot in the main PorcFest vending area with SmartCash items (items from the Smartie shop and others) where people can spend their SmartCash. I will also highly recommend to all PorcFest vendors (everything from food, t-shirts, camping supplies, and everything in between) that they accept SmartCash for payments.

The New Hampshire cryptocurrency community is one of the world’s strongest and oldest, with many big industry players as early participants, including Erik Voorhees, Charlie Shrem, Gavin Andresen, Zach and Josh Harvey, Amanda B. Johnson, and others. Notably, “Bitcoin Jesus” Roger Ver first heard about Bitcoin on New Hampshire-based radio show Free Talk Live, which is presently sponsored by SmartCash and has then gone on to host many significant cryptocurrency figures including Evan Duffield.

Specifically, New Hampshire’s community focuses extensively on using cryptocurrency as digital cash rather than simply a speculative investment, and it has consistently been one of the few places on Earth you can currently live entirely off of cryptocurrency. Securing SmartCash’s dominant position here will shape global cryptocurrency adoption in the future.

About Me

My name is Rodger Paxton. I am the host of the SmartCash sponsored podcast The LAVA Flow, a board member of the Free State Project in New Hampshire, and a PorcFest lead coordinator. My wife and I ran PorcFest last year, and we will be doing it again in 2019. I am in a unique position to make this event the biggest sponsorship opportunity for SmartCash in the US in 2019.

Funding Breakdown


Exclusive Diamond Sponsorship ($20k):

Lanyard Sponsorship ($1.5k)


Promotional materials and swag for distribution to ticket holders and for the SmartCash table ($3k)

Travel for SmartCash staff (including the keynote speaker) and payment for vendor staff: ($4k)

SmartCash for free wallet setups ($20 x 200 wallets) ($4k)


3,563,000 SmartCash ($32,500 @ $.01049/SmartCash + ~15% emergency price fluctuation buffer)

What if the price of SmartCash changes?

A 15% buffer is in place to guarantee against price drops. In the event of minor surplus funds, extra will be assigned to the giveaways and materials.


$22 per person from an outreach perspective does seem a bit on the expensive side.

$32,500/1500 attendants = $21.66

Otherwise it looks like a great event.