[Pre-Proposal] SmartCash Listing on Binance DEX



To have SmartCash listed on Binance DEX in order to (1) create awareness for SmartCash among crypto traders and (2) make Smartcash more accessible by being available on a populare exchange.


SmartCash is currently not listed on any major exchange. I propose that SmartCash being available on major exchanges is necessary in order for SmartCash to gain more popularity and adoption on a global scale, as opposed to the local scale (being present at local gatherings etc.) at which many of the proposals here aim.

Exchanges act as multipliers regarding awareness and capitalization by making crypto currencies available to their users, who in turn can turn into mulitpliers by posting about those currencies on social media such as Twitter, Reddit, 4chan and others. I propose that this kind of exposure is what is needed for mass adoption.

Why Binance DEX?

Binance DEX (https://www.binance.org) is a decentralized exchange operated by Binance, one of the most popular crypto exchanges today (1). Currently, Binance DEX’s daily volume is approx. USD 2.5 Million (2).

For many small cap coins, Binance DEX is the first step towards broader awareness. Furthermore, it represents the chance to get listed on “regular” Binance (3), on which a volume approx. USD 5.5 billion is being traded daily. Example: FTM (4)

Getting listed requires the deposit of 1,000 BNB Tokens, or approx. USD 33.790 at BNB’s current price of USD 33,79 (5)


  1. Buy 1.000 BNB tokens and use them to create a listing proposal on Binance DEX for SmartCash, following the instructions here: https://docs.binance.org/governance.html

  2. Have the SmartCash community vote for the listing proposal in order to get listed.

I ask you to consider this pre-proposal and to give feedback on it so that it can be improved until it is ready to go to vote. Thank you.

P.S.: As a new user, I can only include two links. Therefore, I will try to submit the other references (1) through (5) as comments to this, if possible.


I heard a lot about binance,trustly crypto exchanger


I use Binance, and would be really useful to have available SmartCash for exchange.