Pre-Proposal: SmartCash Sponsorship of Anti-Media (UPDATED)


Hello SmartHive! We have a mutually beneficial proposal for you to check out: To have SmartCash sponsor our media organization Anti-Media. We think that this would be great for both of our organizations as SmartCash would get massive marketing and branding to a demographic that is highly likely to see its value, and to get us censorship-proof funding to operate. Here’s the Google doc of the full proposal:

Please leave us some feedback with any questions, comments, or concerns!


It appears you’re getting a lot of views, but no feedback yet, here. So, I thought I’d post something.

  1. This says “UPDATED”. I tried to skim for the changed parts but couldn’t locate. Can you highlight the changes for us, to save us lots of time and energy?
  2. Several indie news want full support. I don’t feel that is prudent or possible at this time unless they’re a very small operation. What can you offer for $2-5,000 USD a month?
  3. Viewer numbers are relative: 1, 5, or 30 million views may seem a lot, but not compared to 300 million one org is getting with better pricing… And ‘unique views’ is as important as ‘the repetitive message’ is. [that’s in general, not directed to your terms since I don’t recall the exact figures]
  4. I don’t feel comfortable with the pricing when the same indie journalists work for multiple orgs; and may cross-post the same articles and videos. (e.g., DB also works for Ben Swann at times and he has a large proposal pending.)

Hope that helps.


Hey @JustMe, thanks for the comment.

  1. We updated to document to make clear that this isn’t an exclusive partnership and to amend the amount of SMART we’re asking for in the proposal.

  2. We’re not asking for full support or an exclusive partnership. We’re asking SmartCash for less than half of our operating expenses plus some SMART to sponsor (buy advertising) for high-performing content with SmartCash branding/ads.

  3. If you are referencing Ben Swann’s Reality Check proposal, it’s for 30 million (not 300 million) total impressions over 6 months – 5 million impressions per month for $59,334 a month. Our proposal is offering a conservative estimate of 6 million impression per month for $7,000. So our proposal is actually more cost-effective than Ben Swann’s (love him by the way), which was just approved. On your point about returning and new visitors to our website, in June, we had 1.9 million page views from 1.3 million visitors. 1.1 million of those were new visitors. So while we do have a large core audience of repeated users, the majority are fresh eyes seeing our content. (analytics screenshot added to Google document)

  4. I understand your concern with cross-posted content, and we do occasionally aggregate Derrick and others’ work published on Ben Swann’s site, however our proposal will be used for creating original content which will carry SmartCash branding/ads.

I hope this clears up your concerns!

Also, our proposal is now live and can be voted on. If you think this proposal can be mutually beneficial for Anti-Media and SmartCash, please vote yes:


I’ll check you out again, thanks.

No, it’s not Ben Swann. I’m up-to-date on him. He was the 30m I posted.


Bumping because we updated the proposal and are re-submitting it today.


Two questions:

What analytics software do you use for tracking?

What are the specific call to actions you intend to use?