[Pre-Proposal] SmartCash Transaction Visualization



To increase awareness about SmartCash, I wanted to create a live 3D based SmartCash Transaction Visualizer. People can then see the impact and usage of Smartcash.

Deliverables / Job description of the proposal:

A deliverable along the lines of https://bitbonkers.com/(transaction visualizer for Bitcoin)

Long Term Impact:

The proposal tries to kickstart the data visualization efforts on the SmartCash ecosystem. There are a lot of cool visualizations on the other coins that are floating around in the ecosystem and I would like to see drive such efforts on the SmartCash ecosystem.


Duration: 1 month.
Total hours expected: 80 - 100
Amount 2000 USD / SmartCash equivalent amount


I am Prastut, a 23 year old Carnegie Mellon University dropout, currently on a mission to increase meritocracy and solve equal access to opportunity for all. The SmartCash ecosystem has currently taken my interest, and I am looking to contribute to the ecosystem from my skills in data visualization and HCI, full stack development, product design, and product management.


Relevant Coding experience for the proposal:

Consolidated CV: https://drive.google.com/file/d/15_oS6XtO_DRlITjG6WyTAEavaiSnBsdL/view

Not so relevant coding experience:

Design Experience: