[PRE-PROPOSAL] Sponsored space in Academia Blockchain channels


Hello all. I would like to bring SmartCash to the spanish speaking comunity through our Youtube channel and website. We are the only technically oriented spanish speaking channel, Academia Blockchain. We have a Plataform for news and tutorials: www.academiablockchain.com. Also we have prescence in many social networks. We can do an interview and a techinchal explanation, several technical analysis for traders and a couple of articles on different topics surrounding SmarCash.

Please take into account that the spanish speaking community is very important for the crypto currency ecosystem, countries like Venezuela and Argentina have a very bad performing fiat currency and Bitcoin has got a lot of attention.


This proposal lacks specifics. Also, you have a ton of typos. Try using spellcheck, as this is not professional to gain support.


Hi, @alejoveintimilla what’s your offer exacltly? how much funds are you asking for? and how is it going to help SmartCash?


Hi Mark. Sorry for the typos! Thanks for the feedback. Will create a much more detailed proposal.


Hello. We will create a detailed proposal. Thanks for the feedback!