Problem with wallets


i cant enter to my wallet on web and mobile. pages did not loading
there is some technical problem and not with login, password or 2fa
i have ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED on both wallets


Here are announcement from web wallet dev


what about mobile version of wallet?
when maintenance will complete?


??? hello??? i need access to my funds …


In case you had backed your private-key you can import it to other wallet to access your funds ( example import to Electrum-Smart and Node Client wallet )


I don’t know anything about other smart wallets and do not know how to work with them. NODE CLIENT only intended for smartnode operators. iam not him.
I had coins on my wallet and always had access to them through the web and mobile. I just want to understand if access to my money will return, how can I get it and when
i have private-key
please give me instruction how i can get access to my coins
tnx a lot


from what I read on Telegram today, the new wallet should be up this week, so you will be able to have the funds back with your privates keys! Hope this helps


i would like to have more information about this new wallet. It will be a web or mobile wallet? How do I know about new wallet start working?
and one more thing:
i installed desktop smartcash wallet for win but i can’t import private key to this wallet to access my funds. The private key i try to import is from my mobile wallet
it say: Invalid private key encoding (code -5)
may be i need to wait for complete synchronization with the network?

i do something wrong?