Problems with SMART on HitBTC


I bought SMART on HitBTC and for days I’ve been trying to just simply get the SMART receive address to give to you so I can start the 30-day countdown for SmartRewards but I keep getting an “…under maintenance…” error.

I’ve opened multiple support tickets with HitBTC and no answer at all. Based on the article link below, it seems like a class-action situation with HitBTC with many having similar difficulties and no reply at all from HitBTC.

Could you please try and check with HitBTC on why SMART deposits and withdrawals have been under maintenance for days?


HitBTC are performing internal upgrades to the system thats why they are delayed with other coins ect. including SmartCash, cannot disclose anymore information on the subject but can say service should be restored soon. Sorry for any inconvenience caused, hope this will mitigate FUD


Thank you for the explanation. I will wait a few more days. I’m doubly concerned because up until today I could see my SMART balance. My problem was I just couldn’t deposit or withdraw. However, now it just shows zero for my balance.


Yes, other people have also reported this on Discord. I already raised my concers regarding HitBTC here. Hopefully you documented your balance somehow, better document everything you can. Not a single answer from support so far?

Be assured that we will not lose sight of this.


The HitBTC Account screen is the one flapping between the correct balance and zero. If you look at Reports/Account Summary screen and the Trade Analysis at the bottom of the summary screen you should see your accurate, non-zero SMART balance. Now I’m back to the original problem of not being able to deposit or withdraw SMART from HitBTC.


HitBTC has re-enabled SmartCash deposits and withdrawals. :smiley:


Yeah, I also encountered same issue.


Yes, I was finally able to withdraw my smart from hitbtc. I’m thankful they didn’t apply high fees to the withdrawal like they have for so many other coins. For some coins, the fee is as high as 25% of the coins being transferred.