Proposal 225 Concerns


Today marks over one month this issue has lingered and i am fed up sincerely. I have reached almost all the managers on discord regarding this proposal,… also to no avail.

I have reached out to other proposal owners and they claim to have been attended to and also funded.

Here is the proposal Link:

Here is the proof of the first milestone completion:

After many days of working on this project with countless reviews from hoangton , mark-smartcash , Solarminer and many more.

I also spent almost three weeks making researches and discussing with different members of the community about the need of this project before i launched it and everyone gave a go-ahead.

I felt, since this is a community driven project, given that the community also voted this proposal, they should have the final say regarding this issue.

For no concrete reason @slpin, AFTER CONGRATULATING ME ON A SUCCESSFUL MILESTONE COMPLETION, called the project a scam and refuses to talk to me. I gave him several days given that he’d be busy attending to other proposal submissions… etc.

But, this is over a month. I am worried and after much work done, He is silent.

Dear viewer, take time to go through the proofs i provided above and give a comment.



Proposer claimed to have created a merchant site from scratch, but merely used a $24 template and submitted a billing for 125x that.

Details of the discussion can be found on Discord #main_channel - 8/30/18 4:24 PM

Milestone goals and line item goals have not been met according to the originally submitted community-approved proposal.

Due to the fact that this discussion had already taken place; and the proposer had agreed that the goals that were originally proposed were not met, this thread will now be closed.

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