Proposal 721 1st CriptoBlock Event São Paulo Brazil


CriptoBlock will be the first major event in São Paulo dedicated exclusively to SmartCash. The proposal aims to bifurcate the event to other Brazilian states bringing knowledge, entrepreneurs and enthusiasts with a single goal of expanding the acceptance of SmartCash in the national territory.

We are creating this forum to clarify doubts and questions about the voting proposal (# 721 1st CriptoBlock Event São Paulo Brazil) arranged in the link below:
#721 1st CriptoBlock Event São Paulo Brazil

We would like to count on the support of the community to make this proposal a reality.

Brazil is a country with great opportunities for cryptocurrencies, the event will be located in the largest financial capital of Brazil where it receives the largest crypto projects in the world.

This will be a great opportunity to make SmartCash popularly known and our proposal aims to extend the event to other Brazilian capitals. Help us make this dream a reality.

Showing for Brazilians the strength of SmartCash and how we can use it every day to receive or make payments.

Thank you and respectfully we look forward to your support.
CriptoBlock Team