Proposal - SMART Sweeper


Currently there is quite a process in order to ‘pull back’ any paper wallets that are not redeemed in a promotion or contest and if provisions were not made or planned ahead, the funds would then be lost.
Imagine you are at a cryptocurrency event promoting a your favorite currency (SMART ofc) and you hand out 100 SMART in a paper wallet to all 100 people in attendance. That is 10,000 SMART (~$4,000 USD) that goes towards the promotion of the crypto. Due to how great the currency is 70% of the participants use the the paper wallets. While that number is great, 3,000 SMART (~$1,200 USD) is lost in the process and while it is possible to pull it back, it’s a lengthy process to do so.
SMART Sweeper is a simple windows desktop application with a GUI that non technical people can utilize to give out SMART without the risk of losing the funds forever or hassle of manual sweeping of paper wallets.

Application features:
Sending and Receiving of Funds
Printing of Paper Wallets - Including QR code
Timed Sweeping of funds
Manual Sweeping of funds
Possible Future enhancements:
Emailing ‘paper’ wallet
iOS and Linux Support

How it works:
Funder downloads application from website and installs
Sets up a new project
Sends funds to the application (pseudo wallet)
Decides how to split up the funds
Sets an expiration date
Prints Paper Wallets
Application sends funds to the wallets automatically
Receiver gets paper wallet
Instructions printed on paper wallet with web address if more help is needed
Sweeps funds into a new wallet

Any funds left after the expiration date will be swept back to the application and will be able to be sent back to Funders original wallet.

Timeline From Funding:
1 Mth - Project Start
2 Mth - Proof of Concept, completed website
3 Mth - Finalize front end
4 Mth - Launch

The application will need to be built by a 3rd party. I will be managing the project, building the support/application website and providing production support upon launch of the application.
I have 11 years at a Forbes 100 company, of that 3 years in IT project management and support, recently moving to Production Support for their public website.

Funding: $5070 USD
Domain setup and website hosting for 1y - $50
Application Development $4,720 (3rd party)
First 6 months of support - $300 (including email, reddit, and discord support)

Future enhancements would be proposed and voted on but the SMART Community on a case by case basis.
After 6 months if the community did not want to fund support, I would put a donation address on the application to encourage independent support.

SMART Vouchers Pre-Proposal

@solarminer might be interested in seeing this.


Sounds interesting…


waaw i love this idea. great job


This is great, @Archerbullseye. I really like how this utilizes the blockchain technology directly and the App makes it easier. I’m glad I was able to encourage you earlier to go in this direction for the project proposal!

I suggest a feature to allow people to upload a logo that will be placed in the paper wallet (such as the event name). And also a customized website link to learn more.

I think there could be many uses for this – great so see it proposed here.


Hello everyone, I have moved this to a full proposal and you can vote here:

One note, this will be an open source project.


Laudable proposal. hope to see it completed