[Proposal] Trademark & Hub Office in Central Europe


The problem:
As seen on Antshares/NEO the brand name has a great impact on the currency itself. Smartcash is a great product, but will have certain troubles with registering such a common word like “smart” and “cash” as a trademark. It is crucial to have a internationally protected brand in order to be successful on the next level of business development. Unfortunatly the trademark is already taken. (see here: http://tmsearch.uspto.gov/bin/showfield?f=doc&state=4803:18zilv.3.3 )

This necessity to rebrand smartcash into a community trademark arises out of the need beeing perceived as reliability, fast, and confident.

The solution:
Therefore we will create the first European Hub Office, where we will steadily work on implementing the product on the everyday money usage in Europe. In the first step we will create an international competition proposal to several marketing agencies in order to investigate target user groups and creating a marketing strategy on base of a new brand.
In November 2018 we will present all the created concepts of the marketing agencies and let the smartcash community vote which brand will win. In fact the Hive Structuring Team will have to accept the vote of the community and rebrand all wallets and websites. But we will support this process with the rebrand bounty for all contributers, wo may apply to us.



hello everybody? have you seen the proposal?
What’s happening here?
Please support the proposal!



We hope to see the results of their study, other cryptocurrencies have been more successful with the name change as Dash for example, as they get results go up to see that the community is familiar, they must make a greater prior campaign for such a budget large as requested before uploading a proposal of this magnitude and with greater structure support. Regards!


This proposal was not funded. What study results do you refer to?


estimated mark. I mean that a proposal of this type must have a study and a previous campaign that supports a possible proposal, at least one survey in a specific community or through digital media within one of the smartcash’s own channels, and in Based on this collection of opinions, we continue with a possible proposal that will later be advanced with our own marketing study. I would not present a proposal of this kind if I do not know what the community thinks broadly.