Proposal Withdrawn


Withdrawn - Can’t figure out how to delete. lol.


Isn’t the rest of the coin supply in Community Treasury?
I don’t see the problem with that, as it will be distributed through the projects that will benefit the community as a whole.


Reasonable number = 0

I put my other comments in discord. :blush:


the whole purpose of the 5billion coin supply is so that is used as a currency; this is not a get rich investment. the 5billion will not be released entirely until well over 100 years from now. for instance, BTC is $13,000 USD. how do you walk into a store and use that? its not feasible. SmartCash will be used for daily life and spending for day to day transactions. if it exceeds $20 10 years from now, its still low enough to be spendable in daily life. the sole purpose of the high supply is to keep the price at levels anyone in the world can buy it and thus use it.


All good points, I won’t be proposing this.