Propose for a game (a tournament)


good morning,
I think that a good way to give visibility to the currency could be the creation of a game, an elimination tournament with a single buy in. the basic idea could be to create a tournament with some classic game known to all, a game of ability that does not know age limits.
the cost of the participation could be es. 10 smart and at each meeting a part of the total of the single match could go to merge into a final bonus.
Poker tournament model, but it could be done only once in the month, as a smartgame for the community and why not, maybe win something.
Obviously is just an idea but I would be willing to participate to contribute as much as I can to the promotion of this community and this currency.
thx all


I think the general idea to introduce a game sector within SmartCash in general is not a bad idea at all. Especially if games require some skills. Human like to play since the childhood. Even a lottery or casino within SmartCash ecosystem would be beneficial to the whole. The thing is that such ideas need real implementation. Nicely written proposal, the developer (or the team). Such projects may appear in the future. If you have certain plan, skills and time, you may start one right now :wink:

You may even think of creation a game that pays for itself. Players pay the entrance fee, though some percent of the fund is dedicated for the maintenance fees of the platform.


Hi, i got time and i will be pleasured to work for the community but i dont have any programming skill, i can help just the implementation of the game.
if in the community there are programmer and skilled people i ll love to work for this and other project.

guess to find some more people to start this project together.


We all have certain limitations. You may think of finding freelance programmers or a small company building applications, organising the whole process, planning the budget and creating a proposal. Practice shows, the idea unlikely to fulfil itself. )) The thing is there are many tasks to be done by each of us. Hopefully, you will find like-minded people. :pray:


As a big poker fan I support you in this idea. I am professional poker player so I am waiting. SmarCash would ne really a nice thing in games such as poker. Especially on my favorite poker platform. Poker deposit pulsa owner and moderators should introduce SmartCash in their platform as fast as possible.