Publication of an exclusive article of smartcash For advertising in criptotendencias


Greetings members of the community! On this occasion, I went here to ask for a collaboration so that in the Venezuelan web portal an exclusive article of smartcash could be published as an advertisement! The cost of the item is $ 30. Those in charge of the web portal kindly accepted to receive smartcash as a form of payment! To achieve this in the smartcash group in Spanish we resort to collaborate among all interested parties! So far we have managed to collect the following 2 $ amounts that I will provide.
The amount of 25.4095 Smarts on behalf of @amontecal1. The amount of 246.34 Smart from @TheWalk_er . And the amount of 127.6623 from part of Gabriel Mejias. Because Smartcash has gone down in price the total amount has decreased! missing a little more to reach the $ 30. Whoever is interested please send the amount with which you can collaborate to the following address SUpQrrVvsnuucuWsJ6b4jdDVCjVQKoYzJc you can communicate with me freely in this way or via telegram:rafaeljloyop