Question about SmartReward


Hi everybody, I have a question, the other day: 25th Nov 2017 10:54:53 I transferred 10000 smartcash to wallet address ()

It’s elegible for SmartRewards? because I try to calculate here:

And it says 0 smartrewards.

Thanks in advance.


I’ve checked your SmartRewards status on the calculator too and I don’t see you. You did your transfer on the 25th of Nov 2017 at 10:54:53, maybe it was after the snapshot, but I can’t know for sure. I’ve consolidated some Smarts on the 24th and I’m in the calculator.


Snapshot time is 7:00 UTC. Did you make a transfer before 7:00 UTC or after that (as per your timezone)?


I’m from Spain, I think timezone is UTC+1 here, so I’m afraid I lost SmartRewards for this month, no rewards for keeping the coin, and no Christmas gift :frowning:

Thanks friends.


Yes there is a possibility.


i bought 1200 smartcash yesterday, i want to know if a can get my SmartReward holding it in my Web Wallet Beta or do a have to transfer to my offline wallet ?

Thank you for yor time.


You may use any SmartCash address for SmartRewards. The wallet you use doesn’t matter. So if you like web-wallet, you may leave the coins there. :wink:


the main thing is make sure they are at a single address that doesnt get touched for a month.

Remember, the way crypto works is that the “coin” is on the “public ledger”

the wallet merely holds a key as a proof of ownership.


Any wallet will do:slight_smile:


I have smarts in web wallet will it count next month?


any wallet counts… it is based on per-address