Question for Smart reward


I want to confirm one thing. I had 2 addresses in my PC Wallet one with 2000 Smart and the other with 137 Smart. I moved the 137 to an exchange so will i be removed from the monthly reward programm?


Put your address in SmartRewards calculator to check if it is eligible for current round:
If you don’t see input field straight away, click on “Show calculator”.

As for your question, the amount should reside on one address. One wallet may have many addresses. So you may use some addresses for rewards and others for payments.


Thx for the info. And please change your name.


I have 3 wallet adress
Spending, reward 1 and reward 2, do I have to have my balance in the reward wallets or I would also recieve the smartreward if I dont move my smart from my spending wallet?
Thank you


You may use any addresses for SmartRewards. You may also rename them as you like. Have a good time! :wink:


Great Thanks. Mayne you have the link to check what adress is eligible.
Thanks GOD


You are welcome :slightly_smiling_face:
Follow this link:

Click on Show Calculator if it is not already open.

Put your address in Your SmartCash Address or Smart Amount to see if it is participating in current round. It would show zero balance otherwise.


Perfect Thank you very much.