Reach Millions of People with News Networks throughout the World and Maintain Ongoing Engagement [locked proposal - undisclosed relationship with vendors]


We put together this comprehensive media relations initiative by combining our years of experience and valuable relationships with the input received from the community via two different surveys and ongoing discussions on Discord. For more than 12 weeks, there will be ongoing dissemination of SmartCash content to a vast audience.

The most effective strategies involve laying a strong foundation, proper delivery of news, guaranteed follow-up articles with mass distribution, third-party voices via social media network, reaching out to writers/journalists as buzz grows, ongoing engagement with multiple methods of communication, and steady branding to new audiences with shared interests.

Live Webinar (Recorded for Future Viewing)
A live webinar is scheduled for Sunday at 5pm ET (9pm GMT) to demonstrate how everything comes together visually. To join, visit the following link at the appointed time: . A recorded version will be made available within 24 hours via Discord and added as a comment to the proposal page.


[placeholder for summary of 3-month campaign]


This proposal has been more controversial than we thought possible (although it’s fully understood that it goes against the standard crypto mindset). Currently, the number of votes now total 42 million when the prior highest turnout for a proposal was 6.3 million (and most awarded proposals have less than 2 million).

But I’ve been told that a point of contention is that this proposal is nothing more than an extremely high cost for syndicated/automated press releases. Please review this “strategy overview” presentation we put together to show the full picture in a visual summary format: It may have been missed due to the amount of content on the proposal we submitted. Quick summary: Full-featured news portal, text alert service, 8 social media brands, 9 professionally written articles syndicated to thousands of outlets, flipbook for a press kit, two ticker-tagged editorial campaigns that gets tens of thousands of visitors regularly by reaching the audiences of widely followed publicly traded companies, journalist outreach using $6k/year Meltwater subscription, etc.

Also, don’t forget that there will be 12 languages involved for the official press releases, which means translation services for 11 languages other than English will be required.

I’ll be “HODLing” regardless of the outcome of this vote because of how strongly I believe in the SmartCash model. It’s built to weather any storm.

Smartcash roadshow, merchant integration and business adoption

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I’m so excited to be able to do all the things outlined in our proposal over the next 90 days :boom:

Here’s a short 5-minute video recorded right after we were officially approved. It’s really important that everyone comes together to make this the smashing success over the next 90 days (including those who voted no).

I appreciate all the amazing support this past week and look forward to taking SmartCash to whole new level.

P.S. Happy Easter!


Hi everyone, just a quick update on the first three items on our proposal.

  1. TXT180 text alert service will be done this week
  2. News Media Tracker website will be done this week
  3. Interactive flipbook will be drafted this week and likely disseminated by our network early next week

Deadlines for reference: First two items have a deadline of April 11. The flipbook has a deadline of April 18.


Everyone can now subscribe to Instant SmartCash Alerts!



Woohoo, I’m signed up!


As promised, here is the fully function media portal :tada:

Top Highlights:

  • Curated content to show the best SmartCash content
  • Ability to submit your own content suggestions
  • A hub to review media placements and official SmartCash news
  • Multiple subscription/engagement options (SMS, email, Discord, Telegram, and Twitter)


looking good well done


Got a new update for you all! :innocent:

Here’s our next deliverable 5 days early :tada:


It’s intentionally not copyrighted.

This will allow the Hive teams to change however they wish for the official site (if desired) and even give community members the ability to make their own versions. Just let me know if you wish to have the source files :thumbsup:


  1. Interactive way to engage them in the whole story (so they “get it” vs. only understand small parts of it) with easy links to dive deeper
  2. Extremely shareable and can be viewed on all device types
  3. Make SmartCash come ALIVE on first impression and not be a nerdy crypto


Update #2 for today

First syndicated article has been submitted to the Hive team!


We’re going to keep a 5-minute video journal to track our accomplishments, interaction with SmartCash’s SmartHive team and everything else that transpires as a result of our full-scale media relations campaign

Here’s the first journal entry:

P.S. We submitted the press release specified in the “strategy overview” flipbook today.


Quick update on our Media Relations proposal

We sent in the titles for the syndicated articles and are awaiting feedback.


  • First month we focus on the introduction (comparison to first-generation cryptos and why SmartCash is for everbody)
  • Second month is on real-world impact (drawing attention to what mainstream/everyday people will understand best)
  • Third month is on increasing buzz of SmartCard before the launch of the beta product (proof of prior success and why SmartCash will lead innovation once again with SmartCard)

The subjects were chosen based off responses from the community on our 2nd proposal survey.


We worked together with the Hive team to bring you this as our first syndicated article:

It was published yesterday ahead of this morning’s distribution with NNW and IBN for SEO reasons and then distributed via the BRBN social network in different spurts. As mentioned before, this is a sustained branding initiative and many will be hearing of these concepts for the first time. We were careful to ticker-tag three different crypto-focused companies though, which are the most likely to have investors who hold bitcoin or other types of crypto-assets.


PRWeb (owned by Cision, which is best known for its PRNewswire services) informed us that the “Advanced” package we had in our proposal had a name change to “Enhanced Web Influence” to mark a few added benefits.

While clarifying everything with our sales rep, we decided to upgrade to the new “Enhanced Web Power” for an additional $100~ a release using our own funds. It will get us even better distribution so more people will be able to discover SmartCash through our efforts.

Benefits at no addition cost to SmartCash community:

  • 300 more websites distributed to
  • Unlimited relevant news feeds (instead of only 10)
  • Enhanced blogger network via Sovrn
  • Distribution to Cision’s industry curated Twitter handles
  • Unlimited relevant regional news feeds (instead of only 5)
  • Emails to journalists directly vs. just media newsrooms
  • Embedded video when appropriate


The global press release dissemination has begun!


German and French coming soon. They are disseminated via third party so it takes time to get those two links. Also, we’ll request a sample clip report to show examples of worldwide placements.


All translations can now be found here:

As a reminder, our campaign is just as much about reaching mainstream media networks/audiences as it is to give members of the community content that will resonate with friends and family. Everything is written to be easily understood by novices, newcomers and the uneducated. (In other words, this is the perfect content to share to non-crypto people on your personal social media networks.)


Thank you for your work and current updates. This is highly valued. I wish every project would be so informative and responsible.


You’re very welcome!