Reach Millions of People with News Networks throughout the World and Maintain Ongoing Engagement [locked proposal - undisclosed relationship with vendors]


On Discord, we just posted a report put together by MeltWater’s premium search report tool (separate from the $6k a year global plan that lets us easily reach out to journalists - which was one of the items we mentioned would be part of our outreach campaign, but a cost we covered ourselves since it is a tool we need anyway). We did a 24-hour trial so this could be provided. The same strategies/partners will be used for future articles and releases.

Something to keep in mind: Just like search engines, MeltWater only shows what it discovers. There are countless places the news went out to, but this is what they picked up. Either way, it’s a nice comparison to see the additional exposure.

[unable to upload here due to limitations of file types on this forum]


Here’s a visual of the data that might be more helpful.

Note: The reason the last data point on the “2018 chart” is so different from the “15 Days Chart” is because the top chart is in daily view and the bottom chart is the weekly view (so after this 7 day period, it will look more similar to the daily chart).


We also posted the three reports Globe Newswire provides to us (327 pages). Since they outsource part of their global distribution to local wire services, you’ll notice that not all distribution points are listed. Also, as far as full text and headline placements, they only show the sites that integrate an auto reporting feature. The Meltwater report above helps find placements that don’t show up on these reports.

A sample clip report is in the works now that comes with logos, but isn’t as exhaustive.


Our next syndicated article is now live and will be distributed via social media and news networks over the next 24 hours


If you want to see something exciting, go to and look up Microsoft (MSFT), Apple (AAPL) and Alphabet (GOOG)

Quick link to Microsoft:

All three large companies were referenced in our article, which explains the reason NNW was able to gain this placement (among others of course).


Here’s the next journal entry, which covers the articles published, interaction with the SmartCash community, placement on MarketWatch and, the global press release disseminated, future items to complete for this stage, and our main objectives for this campaign.

The video features the same monthly report submitted to splin for community records.


Our final article for this stage is up and will be syndicated through the weekend and Monday:

To see what to expect in the next stage, go to the strategy overview posted along with our proposal:

We’ll have another journal entry covering content published so far, placements, interaction with SmartCash community, etc. soon. Just need to submit paperwork for payment after something is clarified.


Hey everyone, here’s the sample clip report Globe Newswire manually put together for us. As mentioned before, it’s not an exhaustive list of everything, but it’s nice seeing the logos and being able to click on all the hyperlinks.

Link to PDF:

Let me know if you want us to keep requesting these from them. It doesn’t cost anything, but takes a lot of time from their staff (which is why it takes so long for them to deliver it).


As with other items, we’ve started early on the journalist outreach.

I was hoping that using Meltwater to specifically target journalists that have shown an interest in crypto would make things relatively easy with the amazing story we have here, but it hasn’t been that way so far.

BUT, this morning I spoke to a writer for The Economist, BBC, Forbes and Fast Money!

Of course, we didn’t speak long, but I learned why things have been uphill. Publications have limited what journalists can do when it comes to crypto (not really all that shocking I suppose). They want to only cover top cryptos and completely ban linking to ICOs or covering presales, etc.

He was intrigued by SmartCash though and is going through the flipbook we made.

I think what raised his eyebrows was the fact that a crypto is doing professional media relations. He asked quite a bit of questions about us and we connected on Skype. Hopefully, he will get one of the outlets to make an exception.


Journalist placement achieved:


Our third journal entry is up. I made sure to keep it at 5 minutes this time.

It provides a quick look at the completed items in Stage 1 and then covers the latest updates since our last entry as well as a few things to expect from Stage 2.



^ All items from stage one are complete and payment has been received
^ Examples of syndicated article placements and international outlets publishing the first SmartCash press release
^ Successful placement with a journalist far ahead of schedule
^ Conversation with Forbes/BBC contributor and what to expect from top-tier publication outlets
^ How we plan to approach the renewal depending on success with journalist placements
^ Current status of the first item (the interview)
^ Unexpected challenge with scheduling the Brand Awareness Distribution campaign due to high demand and how we’re addressing it


Hey everyone, as you know we started doing journalist outreach a couple weeks ahead of time. This was to ensure we actually get placements in the first month of the journalist outreach kick off. It’s always really difficult when you are starting from a virtually unknown position (although I’m optimistic that the revolutionary features + accomplishments with real-world impact will make things easier).

Has your life been impacted? We need your help

Basically, we need to do more during this stage than just talk tech and adoption. Stories of personal impact with real people sharing real stories need to be mixed in well.

Please reach out to me or @liborum if you would like to be involved. We’re happy to do most of the work for you, but need your story :slight_smile:



We were able to get in an alumni magazine that is going out in the fall. It’ll be a broad overview of blockchain, but in the cryptocurrency section SmartCash will be featured as an example of how crypto has evolved to allow for self-funded efforts. Hopefully we will also have mention of the username-based addresses and the easy-to-use web wallet that makes SmartCash truly mainstream-friendly so anyone can start using it.


Oh, and I probably should mention that Monty (the journalist that has written for The Economist and Forbes) hasn’t gotten back to me, but sent him two skypes and an email since our talk on the 11th. He might not have gotten the exception… but will keep trying. Gave him a heads up on the global PR that is slated for next week.


Sneak peek! Here’s the interview we’re disseminating tomorrow!


PRWeb announcement is out:

Further dissemination through eight different blockchain-focused brands will continue throughout the day.


Our next article is up!

This is one I knew we’d want to do since the very beginning. There’s been a lot of excitement for one of the top cryptos to introduce the “username” feature, but they still haven’t done it yet (does the codename “evolution” ring a bell for anyone here? I usually try not to specifically reference a coin).

We need to share this one widely so people know we already have a well-working system for usernames and have already moved on to other next-generation features for expanded utility.

P.S. We submitted the next article (one of the best yet) to the SmartHive Outreach team yesterday for review/suggestions


Global dissemination of the next press release is underway!

After providing a full introduction of SmartCash by highlighting initiatives designed to accelerate the growth of our community last month (while including accomplishments that have already set us apart), we wanted to focus on what our community-centric model has made possible while extending an open invitation to those who aren’t part of the community yet.

A dozen of the community projects completed are highlighted in the release :star2:


Here are the links for each language.



As with the last time, the hundreds of pages provided by Globe Newswire are provided on Discord since the forum doesn’t allow for PDFs to be uploaded.

I thought this comparison data would also be helpful. Although we had less placements (possibly due to greater restrictions for crypto news), the view count is quite a bit higher. I combined Korean stats for easier comparison.

2nd Release Titled “SmartCash Announces Success of Community-Approved Initiatives Funded by SmartHive Project Treasury”

  • 1736 direct views - Maylay, Korean, Thai, Japanese, Chinese, Indonesian
  • 312 direct views - Spanish, Portuguese
  • 813 direct views - English

1st Release Titled “SmartCash Highlights 2018 Initiatives to Accelerate Global Adoption, Recaps Key Achievements”

  • 879 direct views - Maylay, Korean, Thai, Japanese, Chinese, Indonesian
  • 262 direct views - Spanish, Portuguese
  • 312 direct views - English

Note: Stats do not include all downstream partners