Reach Millions of People with News Networks throughout the World and Maintain Ongoing Engagement [locked proposal - undisclosed relationship with vendors]


As far as journalist outreach, we so far have seen 2 journalist placements since initiation and still haven’t heard back from Monty Munford (the journalist who has written for The Economist, Forbes, and BBC). We provided an update on Monty via Discord about a week ago and have since then sent him this press release, a follow up email, and a “Have a Great Memorial Day” email. (Note: he’s the one that advised publications have limited what journalists can do when it comes to crypto - i.e. they only want to only cover top cryptos and completely ban linking to ICOs or covering presales, etc.).

For all the journalists in our custom list that have opened one of the emails sent in our multiple blasts (mainly sent with MeltWater’s system but we also did one directly to each one), we are beginning the phone calls.


The latest article is published and now simply awaiting syndication! American Express, Citigroup and Glance Technologies (a company involved in mobile payments and introducing crypto soon) will be used for the ticker-tagging.

Link to the article:

The entire focus is on what makes SmartCash so amazing and different from other cryptos. It’s a fantastic introduction piece.

Our next article will focus on the impact SmartCash has in the “real world” via one of the well-known activists who did an hour-long interview with @liborum.


It took some doing (been sending out multiple emails and LinkedIn), but Steve Anderson covered SmartCash again after our latest PR went out:

I know not everyone here wants us to be looked at as a charity, but the feel good stories are preferred to just talking about great tech. From the perspective of a journalist like Steve, this novel concept is a great story angle and will get views/shares.

Also, I’d like to note that I didn’t even know he was going to put this up until it went up. Journalists get to do their own thing.

I do think the article appeals to those that we are attempting to reach with our proposal, though.


On another note, here’s the sample clip report Globe Newswire manually put together for us. As mentioned before, it’s not an exhaustive list of everything, but it’s nice seeing the logos and being able to click on all the hyperlinks.

Link to PDF:


A few screenshots from NNW’s editorial syndication. I was nervous we wouldn’t get MarketWatch again. A distribution for a different client was rejected from ticker-tagging yesterday (even though their BigCharts brand did list it).


Although we haven’t posted our other Communication Task Force calls here (since it isn’t directly related to our proposal), I thought it would be good to do the last one since it has grown into something special.

There is a short update from our team near the end in this video, but we’re currently working on a new video journal entry that will provide a more in-depth recap of our progress and what is coming up next.


We just uploaded our fourth journal entry providing a quick look at the completed items in Stage 2 and then covering the latest updates since the last entry as well as a few things to expect from Stage 3.


  • One article/editorial left to complete the current monthly group of milestone payments
  • Interview completed with Carlos and distributed via BRBN and PRWeb
  • Additional successful placements and examples of emails sent out
  • Expanded scope from 100 journalists to 700 due to uncertainty when trying to narrow down the list - no additional charge for the additional outreach
  • Examples of article/editorial placements
  • Screenshots showing various languages of global press release
  • Texts disseminated and social media broadcasts
  • What to expect from stage 3

I was a bit long-winded at the beginning, so I’d recommend using this link to skip the intro: (already did multiple retakes and decided this version was best - just had so much to cover)


It’s not Monty Munford, but great to see they made an exception for SmartCash!


I thought it would be a good time to do some data comparison. Feel free to check discord “SmartStatsBot” history to verify data (it doesn’t have all data, but it does have most).

We marked these stats down when someone asked for similar metrics a long time ago while our proposal was under evaluation.

4/10/18 stats unless otherwise noted (this was the date we launched the news portal and started getting active):

10,578 on Discord
904 on Telegram
7,513 likes on Facebook (4/13)
7,646 follows on Twitter (4/13)
2,416 on Reddit
1,180 on Steemit
896 on Instagram
59 on
401 on YouTube (4/13)
10,952 enabled SmartNodes
15,380 addresses eligible for SmartRewards

6/11/18 stats

12,370 on Discord
1,845 on Telegram
7,803 likes on Facebook
12,549 follows on Twitter
2,616 on Reddit
1,203 on Steemit
1,094 on Instagram
84 on
632 on YouTube
12,882 enabled SmartNodes
17,867 addresses eligible for SmartRewards

Of course, our efforts to bring SmartCash far beyond the crypto border (while still using our Blockchain Relations Brand Network to provide content to crypto/blockchain enthusiasts) is just one factor of many that resulted in our ongoing community growth. There is so much done by the community at large and the SmartHive Outreach team (plus, we’d like to give a special mention to @carloss66’s for his help and suggestion on our content along the way).


Here’s our latest article/editorial published and distributed yesterday:

This concludes the articles for the current stage. Future ones will focus on proof of SmartCash’s success, the importance of InstantPay and another full article on SmartCard.


NetworkNewsWire has started their multi-day brand awareness distribution campaign today. By getting on top-tier sites like The Wall Street Journal, Barron’s and Barchart as well as brokers like E-Trade and TD Ameritrade (in addition to hundreds of other sites), we’re able to trip news alerts setup by subscribers and have the best positioning possible on on widely used trading platforms. I’d love to see what kind of eyebrows we raise since this has never been done before by crypto. Anytime something has never been done before, it is inherently risky, so we appreciate the SmartCash community agreeing to be the first to try this form of exposure and we hope to be able to continue.

Here’s the content they wrote up for us: I LOVE the title!

The 2nd multi-day awareness distribution campaign starts next week after payment is received (as mentioned in our proposal, we paid for all this upfront after receiving the first 1/2 from SmartCash because of the large amount of trust required due to the cost of this campaign, but need final payment by Monday the 18th, which is highlighted in the budget sheet sent to email address for payment requests). It will focus on blockchain-oriented companies and is likely to have a lot more crypto holders reading the content (but doing payment processors like Square, Visa and PayPal this time is also very important so the traders tracking the companies buzz about us being the most formidable contender).

Also, just wanted to let you know that NNW and affiliated brands like CCW are working extra hard (i.e. doing extra things with dual branding) to help as many people as possible discover SmartCash and plan on doing freebies as thanks after the two campaigns are over.


SmartCash developer Enrique Souza was quoted in Jim Cramer’s TheStreet yesterday:


NetworkNewsWire did two press releases today instead of the one (result: the community benefits from the new brand at no additional charge while NNW still meets obligations with proposal terms - plus SmartCash shows up twice as much).



Audio campaign starts tomorrow.


Can you share stats related to the press releases you did, which directly relate to your proposal?


i just want to say you’re doing a bang up job, really fantastic work. in my eyes, the most successful proposal passed to date. you came in big and have delivered on all aspects! keep up the great work.


Great work! I admire how professionally you feedback on progress. I’ve used a bunch of PR services in the past and you put them to shame.


@mark-smartcash, I posted the main global reports (12 language / 50+ countries) in the main channel of Discord as PDF attachments soon after release (proof below along with important commentary that should be read before opening the PDFs), but if you’re ok with downloading a zip folder from us online and don’t want to search for them on Discord, here’s a Dropbox link since the forum won’t allow for PDF upload: (or else we would have above already instead of referencing the Discord posts as they went up).

I included the 2nd most recent PRWeb distribution report in the zip file too (not the most recent distribution because it was only 2 days ago and stats aren’t considered complete yet). I can start getting all 6 altogether if you’d like (all of which use the upgraded Web Power tier – as a reminder, our company covered the extra cost for the upgrade, which values at $100 of difference although we did save part of the money by doing a package deal). But, when looking through the PRWeb report, keep in mind reaching the people subscribed to the news feeds, showing up on Google News, and the large blogger network are more important than what is shown in these reports.


Thank you, @JSilk and @lovethesmart! :star2:


Another double release went out this morning on a different news wire network for the audio press release version (allows people listen to the editorial while doing other things).



Hey everyone! We completed stages 1 & 2 and as shown on our flipbook in the proposal, we are now moving into stage 3 (and the first step is “gather community feedback”).

Here’s a one-minute, eight-question survey. We’d love to to hear from all of you!

Thanks! :star2: