Reach Millions of People with News Networks throughout the World and Maintain Ongoing Engagement [locked proposal - undisclosed relationship with vendors]


Thanks for all the responses! Since we have 10 now, I thought it would be good to share the current results:


Forgot to mention earlier this week that NNW’s new brand focused on crypto also put out this email newsletter to various email lists part of It would be awesome if some of us sent a thank you email to for the extra PRs and doing this email broadcast.


I think that your highly professional work is very valuable to SmartCash. You are doing the job responsibly. Now when Google banned crypto-related ads, internet media coverage is among the most efficient ways to address to new audience. The only difficulty I see is the actual estimation of the impact of promotion projects like this one. I used to do internet marketing campaigns for certain businesses in the past and I know how tough is to estimate potential efficiency of SEO, content creation and so on.

I think your talent will be further appreciated by SmartCash community. Keep up with a good work! :+1:


Thank you! :star2:

You are totally right. It is difficult to measure, but we hope the quantifiable stats and reports presented consistently over time gives confidence in the impact we had in the difficult-to-measure areas.

Appreciate you taking the time to look things over and encourage us in our efforts. It’s been the most challenging campaign to date.

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This proposal has been locked due to undisclosed relationships with vendors.