Reward Cycle Numbers (in plain English)?


On the rewards calculator on the website it refers to “Next Reward’s Payout (Cycle 5)”… but it’s not entirely clear - to me at least - when Cycle 5 refers to/which current “cycle” we are on…?

The rewards that are due to be issued in December (our Christmas Bonus =)) for untouched wallets >1000 that have been held for 30 days since the snapshot taken on 25th November… Will that be Cycle 5? Or Cycle 4? (or 6?)

And is there not a more “user friendly” way of naming these, or at least labelling the rewards calculator for people trying to understand it?


it is for the current one…


Thanks for your reply. Right, so it’s effectively telling you if you already had 1000 in a wallet as of Nov 25th, this would be your estimated reward? (Have I understood that correctly?)

Given that this is on the website greeting newcomers to SmartCash, would it not make more sense to be showing visitors a calculation on the cycle they can actually get involved in? As the current cycle is too late. Or is that impossible to calculate before the current cycle ends?


Yeah you’re right, this is the estimated reward for the Dec 25 payout.

That would not be possible, before the next snapshot is taken.


I see. OK thanks. Perhaps they should change the website text for the calculator to make it clearer for new users - “Below is a tool to estimate the current rewards for the month based on your valid SmartReward balance.”

to point out that “SmartCash owners who were on-board for the previous snapshot date will be eligible for these estimated rewards:” or similar?

(How would I pass on this feedback to the people in charge of the website?)


The cycle 5 is the current. The one that been snapshot last 25th of november.