Reward fail :(?


Hi i didn’t get any of smart reward promised. I have a ballance over 1000 SMART, i tried entering my address here in calculator and there shows 00.00 smart??
Does anyone have this kind of problem?


I didn’t get min either. Normally I get it round 9 AM on the 25th.


When did you buy your SMART? It should be before December 25th to be eligible for cycle 6.
Also, be sure you did not withdraw any SMART from your address during the period.


it is my fault… i did withdraw some smart to my exchange wallet. i hope next month will be ok


check your address now it should show if your wallet is eligible

put your address in the SmartRewards Lookup section


Oh Wow, I have over 5000 and withdrew 500. So I guess I didn’t get it for that reason. Thats BS.
I didn’t sell any.


It is a good mechanism for price stabilization.
The best way to get some rewards, while you want to withdraw some SMARTS now and then, is to split you SMART in several addresses, for example:

  • 1 or 2 addresses for SmartRewards
  • 1 for spending.