Second meetup of SmartCash Lara


Today at 2pm Venezuelan time, as a smartcash community we held the second meetup at the DCEE of UCLA. Where we were teaching to diverse students of the university on our cryptocurrency and the benefits that their use and their adoption offer them.

In this opportunity we were able to create wallets for the attendees and give them 5 smart each. To show you how easy and fast transactions are!

We will continue with our work of teaching more and more people about smartcash in the universities of Lara State in Venezuela.

I want to thank @amontecal1 who kindly offered his help making the flyers for the advertising of the meetup and donating the smart that were given to the people who attended today.

Here the link of the web portal that published our meetup

Here the wallets that were created to the people who attended and the transaction of the 5 smarts

Tour of Merchants Adoption in Lara Venezuela!

excellent activity, I love to participate, I will also share my experience in the forum, thanks to all the partners of @smartcashlara for being part of this great initiative.


Epale! How excellent you are doing a good job. we are not here to support us. Saludos hacen un buen trabajo.


Look at the review that made this important web portal, what a great!