Setting up new smartnode on 1.2.3


Hi guys,

I have previously set up a smartnode but had heaps of error messages come through on the 1.2.2 update and it never worked and the same came through on the 1.2.3 update so I decided to start all over again! I uninstalled the wallet and all the files and reinstalled the 1.2.3 wallet, transferred the 10,000 smart from the webwallet and then went to go through the same process I had first used to set it up using the Girlgonesmartcash youtube video for windows. However, when I got to only like the second step of typing ‘smartnode outputs’ in the debug window, nothing would show up, it would just have “” with nothing in the quotation marks.

Is there a different set up process for the 1.2.3 wallet for smartnodes? Or is there a way to fix this?

Thanks everyone!!! All help is much appreciated.


The setup process are the same, the problem here is that you not send exactly 10K in 1 input to 1 address in desktop wallet