Show here Your Mining Hash Rate


I would like to know what hash rate people have while mining.
I will start with mine:

Pallit GTX 1070 , about 566 MH/s , no overclock
Miner : ccminer KlausT v8.13

I do not know whether ccminer include any mining fee.

Good luck mining!


I overclocked my evga gtx 1060 ssc 6gb to 1160 mhz and got my hash rate to from 470 mh/s to 525 mh/s.
Since it has two large fans built into it I didn’t over heat or anything but definitely did some damage to the gpu. my temp stabilized at about 61 c. I am getting little white and black blocks appearing every once and a while on my screen. I don’t care though! I can still mine at a stable 518-527 mh/s without any issues 24/7

cc miner 811


This thread has hashrates for the different nvidia cards


is that constant or always changing? My vega will go all over the place and never settles it has ranged from 200 all the way to 2200. Unsure what I have missed