Sim Racing Car Livery ,using smartcash brand


Hi guys.

I’am a racing enthusiast,and will race in a sim racing league which the races is broadcasted on youtube,and has a lot of members, i’am choosing my paint for the season and decided to do a free sponsorship to SmartCash and put it in my car as principal theme.

So what’s your idea for me to put in the car? i was thinking in put the logo with some “” and “Decentralize Everthing” in some part also…i wanna know what the exact color palletes of smartcash too if you have it.

I’am in talk with a semi profissional car livery maker,he gonna do it for free.

Any idea ,hit me up …cheers.

Some paints that it can be use as a reference:




This looks really cool. Can you provide the link to the youtube channel? Would love to check this out


Hey,here it is:


WOW :smiley: those graphics!! :heart:

Have you heard of Afrix Motorsport?


Never heard about it before… Thanks for share,seems really cool.


Finished :slight_smile: