Smart cash in the South of México


Hi my name is Rodrigo Osorio founding member of Cryptos Tabasco a blockchain community in México, we been working for 4 years organizing meet ups, events, airdrops and many other events about blockchain technology and the benefits of this digital economy.
Proposal: Smart cash in the South of México

Organize 2 meet ups with local businesses about 30 person per event with a talk about smartcash and the newest smartcard solution, so they can learn about cryptocurrency and the new economy toward and ecosystem, do some workshops and be able to connect with businesses and Smart Cash technology and the costumer could spend at the local business generating an interaction between consumers and merchants.

Build a workshop for developers previously selected and incentivize them to learn more about this technology and his code, and the tools to recognize the reach of each one.

smart card and the best way to solve the problem and the link between cryptos and fiat, so that way the merchants can be more

Evangelize the sellers and buyers improving the advantages of digital cash.
Find talent to the devs that could contribute with more elaborated projects thanks to the dev team.
Once the event is finalize we could have a good sense of the ecosystem and a adoption opportunities in the region.
Find innovative solutions for the different industries and new opportunities and business models.
We are looking or technical competent people that can generate enough value to produce possible smartnodes and can take advantage of the SmartCash technology. We are looking for people between the ages of 30-45 with some years in the IT field and disposable cash to fund smartnodes.
Meet Up August 11th Tuxtla

Meet Up August 18th Villahermosa
Why us?
We are the first and only blockchain community with experience in the region and we want that there is a proper adoption.

BUDGET Villahermosa dlls
Tech lider of communities convocatory 100
Management operation 200
@Oucan Smart cash mexico 250
@CryptoAluxe Smartnode Engineer 250
Coffe Break 100
Venue 300
Marketing, social media, 300
Total **1500

|BUDGET Tuxtla Gutierrez|dlls|
|Tech lider of communities convocatory|100|
|Management operation|200|
|@Oucan Smart cash mexico|250|
|@CryptoAluxe Smartnode Engineer|250|
|Coffe Break|100|

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SmartCash advisor and presenter @Oucan and @CryptoAlux


The Meetup in Tuxtla will be on July the 11th.? today is the 17th.
Can you explain what is the “Tech Leader of communities convocatory” item?
How do you plan spending $300 on Marketing?

Good initiative
Some spelling errors.


sorry my mistake, I already fix it, the items in marketing are social media, adwords, radio station, and the pay of the guy behind the strategy of the entire events, the tech leader community is one of the leaders of every city, and they will be pay just for the spends of making the right invitations to have a lot of devs assistance this is because as te south of Mexico is really difficult to find the right devs but whit this kind of events we hope we will!!!

sorry about the spelling errors i´ll be more carefully


Hello @Rodjtab

This sounds as very great initiative for learn about smartcash more deep and have the opportunity somebody help us to have a smart node, normally this kind of events just happen on the Mexico City, and have the choice to have this here in Tabasco is great. I’m part of nodeschool Tabasco and we have another members interested about learn how to works with new technologies involving blockchain. Please let us know the result of this.




Thanks we hope this can help at the south



I like that more people want to get involved in the community, this initiative is good. continue working, sure they will have a good result


Thank’s we hope to contribute to expand the Smart cash benefits

Best regards


Great initiative! Keep up the good work!


Hi Rodrigo, great idea, I think is important show to the people what Cryptos is, talk about alt coins like this one and how we can use it. Keep going!!!



Thank you so much Gustavo for your Comment i really want to people and business hey connect whit smartcash


Great proposal Rodrigo, all of us who know you know about the hard work that you have been doing, and we believe that the SmartCash project is of great relevance and what better to start doing community in the Mexican southeast.


tnxs we have a lot of work to do as a community, but the most important think is to grow and spread the knowledge and the economic solutions

best regards


Great Idea! go México!


Great idea brothers!!!


Thanks for the comment


We want the south on Cryptos