Smart Cash Instagram Presence


As many of us know, Social Media is a great way to get the word out about great currencies like Smart Cash.

Twitter has been an incredible source of information for me personally when it comes to Smart Cash and other Cryptocurrencies. Although Twitter is great, I spend more of my time on Instagram.

I would love to see Smart Cash grow a large following on Instagram. Instagram has over 800 million monthly active users and is still growing rapidly. There is a great opportunity for Smart Cash to reach thousands or even tens of thousands via Instagram.

Goal/Who I am: My name is Andy. I currently manage over 30 Instagram accounts and grow targeted followings on each account. I would love to do this for Smart Cash at a fraction of the cost it would be to outsource to someone who isn’t invested and a part of the Smart Cash community. I hold Smart Cash and I’m active in the Smart Cash discord (@CryptoDino) and really believe in this project.

I log into these Instagram accounts and follow, occasionally like, and unfollow based off things like followings of similar/competitor accounts, hashtags, and locations. This eventually generates 1,000-2,000+ new followers per month (the number varies quite a bit based off things like quality of content posted on the account). I’ve grown my personal account (@andydew) to over 45k followers. Feel free to look at my content and check out my interaction and engagement levels.

Here are the following points I am considering proposing. I would love your feedback and constructive criticism.

Initial TimeLine: 3 Months

Amount to be paid in Smart Cash dollar equivalent: $390 ($130/month) - $1,100 ($367/month):$80 per month goes toward software costs, daily time spent monitoring account and generating monthly reports. This also goes toward daily management of the account, posting content, and responding to Direct Messages.
I believe a minimum of $150 ($50/month) is required for paying for content creation for the account. This would allow for weekly posting of quality content. It would be nice to post 5 days per week, and I estimate cost to produce content for this to be $500 ($167/month).

Another option to keep cost low is to pull from the creative works already happening on Steemit and Discord. Some of the logos, banners, infographics, etc could possibly be adapted for Instagram. We could even include the meme of the Steemit Meme contest currently running.

An exciting option that I think could have significant ROI is allocating 500-2,000 Smart per month for giveaways and contests. This has huge potential to get people involved and sharing on Instagram and Facebook. Example: “Tag 2 friends who have asked you about Cryptocurrency and who would also love to support a good cause.” We could give away Smart Cash as a prize and match it 1:1 to donate to a good, relevant cause. I believe something along these lines could be very beneficial for raising awareness of Smart Cash.
*This is where the extra $600 would come in for the proposed budget.

Timeline: 3 months: I will produce a progress report at 3 months in, and the community can decide if the Smart Cash spent is worth the following that is generated from this.

Total hours expected for project completion: 180-360 hours. This number is going to vary quite a bit based on the feedback I receive here. If minimal content creation is needed, and no giveaways are going to be run, the number of hours is closer to the 180 mark over three months.

This can be paid for entirely with Smart Cash with no need to sell any to convert into Dollars.

I’d love everyone’s feedback on this as I am eager to move another step closer to Smart Cash having an established Instagram presence.




I love the idea. It can have a good impact for a very low cost. You’ve got my vote.


I think Instagram is undervalued as a marketing tool with all the eyes of our generation glued to it. It captures so much attention and is so much cheaper than traditional marketing, I dont see why we can’t throw a seed and see if we can make a productive tree out of it. Maybe we can get some funds to sponsor some influencers as well. Either way, I’m in.


I like the idea of communicating on instagram too, of course.

My view on this proposal is that this would be better as a part of a more integrated communication plan (using Instagram plus other social medias). I suggested to create a communication task force to coordinate our communication efforts. See the proposal here:

We are 2 for now: Blockchainrelations and me. And you look like the right guy to handle the Instagram part of it. Would you like to be part of it so we create a strong core ? If yes PM me!


Sounds interesting. PM sent!


I don’t necessarily trust bots like that. Automating commenting is not a good idea in my opinion. It’s best to focus more on following based on specific targeting. Also, any service or site that promises a specific number of “Real High quality followers!” Is selling fake accounts.


Sure, we can do without bots. Nice and cosy environment matters more. Instagram is a nice, fast-growing and extremely popular platform. Come on, go for proposal already :slightly_smiling_face:

Actually, the concept of SmartHives is to create many separate teams rather than corporations. Otherwise the team will grow beyond 8 members too fast. TaskForce can do other projects. Although it’s your decision.


Haha I either need to go through the hassle of buying 45 more Smart or have a friend send me it. I don’t wanna disqualify my other wallets from Smart Rewards :joy:

Official proposal is coming soon! Can I count on you guys? :pray:t2::slightly_smiling_face:


You have my vote :+1:


Mine too :slight_smile:


Hey guys, the proposal is live now. Go vote please! Thanks again for all the feedback.


I did vote yes :slight_smile: I like what you do on the accounts you already manage so I’d like to see what you can do with Smartcash. GL with your proposal !


This is fantastic idea. You have my vote.


this is a work that all have to do! great!


Hey Andy, howdy, I can say that your idea is perfect but your gonna need help with that and people that are gonna follow you, you know that not everybody is owning an instagram account, you can even try to attract more people if you’re gonna be somehow promoted. Not everybody is gonna be interested to start following smart cash just to be. When I started my page with audi_official I appalled to they helped me a lot, and after their help, my account went to the top. Now I have 400k followers and 3-4 photos every day with cars and features.


I think Instagram is undervalued as a marketing tool with all the eyes of our generation glued to it. I don’t necessarily trust bots like that. Automating commenting is not a good idea in my opinion. It’s best to focus more on following based on specific targeting. The best way to understand smm panel deals its helps you alot.