Smart node not working after setup


hi there I’m having trouble setting up my smart node I have followed the exact instructions from this video an got to the final stages all blocks have loaded up to date but when I go to my desktop wallet it say no active smart nodes now I’m not the best at this sort of stuff but I followed it step by step without any problems until the end when it should be working but its not can any one help on this matter


Did you have 10K send in 1 input? Can you share your smartcash.conf and smartnode.conf?
Can you go to and send direct message to me @hoangton#6301


yes thers 10k smart in there an I’m not sure what my smartcash.conf is?


when you do exactly as the guide you will known what smartcash.conf is


I know what you mean but in my file explore on my computer the only files I have is the smart cash wallet set up and a separate txidexstrap file there is no smart cash config unless there is a certain way of locating that file like I said I not the best at this type of thing


When you setup and run wallet you will find smartcash.conf in data folder

( in case smartcash.conf not here you have to create one if you want to run smartnode )

Here are other guide to setup and run smartnode


My node has been up and running fine for two days, now the desktop wallet shows MISSING. The status on the server shows that it’s running. I tried clicking on start missing and got a msg that I cannot use that command until the smartnode list is synched. Any help would be appreciated.


Don’t look at desktop wallet status before it is fully synced additional data. Locate your node here and see what the real status is:


Didn’t get any help on here. Went to Discord and they helped. We had to upgrade and reinstall on the server, but back up and Enabled.


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Use this guide on how to speed up wallet synchronization:


is any one available to help me on here I’ve followed the start up videos to the t on 10 different actions now an still I have no node appearing in my wallet even if I start missing node it does nothing. surely there is some on who can help me on this matter???


Checking your smartnode.conf in data folder of your local wallet. Make sure it have correct information


I have my smart node name, server ip address, port 9678 smartnode genkey an smartnode ouputs and I have it exactly like the example which is on there already. I had no smartcash. conf file so I made one with txindex=1 in an saved that file. I cant think what it is thats not working or I’m not doing right


When helping people in Discord i found someone make wrong conf file

smartcash.conf but they make smartcash.conf.conf
smartnode.conf but they make smartnode.conf.conf

Can you double check


hello, hoangton. I have a same problem. I tryed to install a SmartNode, was following the guide(
VPS is working.10 000 Smart in wallet, files Smartcash.conf and Smartnode.conf created and modified properly, but node dont appear in my nodelist.


Did you send exactly 10K in 1 transaction?


@vlades233 your wallet will need to be fully synced.