Smart reward question with regard to node wallet


So my question is, will my node wallet with 10k smart earn smart rewards? And if it does, wouldn’t the added balance mess up the exact 10k smart required for a node?


Yes you nodewallet will earn SmartRewards and It won’t mess up the node because what you need is not an exact balance of 10k SMART but just an exact transaction of 10k SMART.
Your node will be messed up if your balance goes under 10k SMART.


Hey, in the wallet under the SmartRewards tab, it doesn’t say that my 10k are eligible? (I have a node)
How will they become eligible? with the next snapshot? sorry for the fuzzy image


when you have a node the 10k are locked and you can’t use them.


True. Yes your 10K SMART will be eligible for the next round of rewards


Your SMART locked for SmartNodes are eligible for rewards.
You won’t be able to use them for transacting (unless you stop your node).


Alright, I just wanted to check. Unfortunately I didn’t get mine until after the 25th of last month so now I have to wait until next month :frowning: at least I have node pay outs lol


Indeed having a node is quite good :wink: