Smart Rewards Calculator for Cycle 5 payout not recognizing balance in web wallet address from 12/22


Hi, I’ve been using the web wallet for over a month now and have been receiving the rewards in the 2 wallet addresses (Smart Rewards and Smart Rewards 2) just fine.

However, on 12/22 I sent a small amount (463.874 Smart) into the ‘Spending’ wallet and checked the box that says ‘Is Rewards’. I just entered the ‘Spending’ wallet address into the Rewards Calculator to confirm this amount will be included in the Cycle 5 payout in January, and it shows a 0 balance. My other 2 web wallet addresses show the correct balance in the calculator, including the rewards that were just given on 12/25, so seems strange that the ‘Spending’ wallet would show a 0 balance since this deposit was done on 12/22.

For reference, my ‘Spending’ wallet address is: SdSMT2xVdftmi9n8r8unZsB8tt4jq8ATgU. If you check the bock explorer, you will see the transaction on 12/22 that I am referring to.

Thanks for your help.


Round 5 are for people hold from 25th Nov


Ok, I was just reading ‘Cycle 5’ from the calculator. That being said, the balance is still showing 0 in this wallet according to the rewards calculator and my deposit was made on Dec. 22nd. Since were are now past Dec. 25th, isn’t the current rewards calculator suppose to show balances that are eligible for the Jan. 25th payout? In other words, show any balances for SmartCash that was deposited before December 25th, assuming no money was taken out of that particular wallet since then?


Your question is valid. I wonder what is the reason for the address not to be shown in SmartRewards calculator. Maybe @Somnium or @Proteus may have a look at the problem?


Your address only valid for round 6


you will not get reward for holding for 3 days. it is from the 25th to the 25th.


Well spotted, I totally overlooked the second date.


I understand that my address is only valid for round 6. But isn’t the current rewards calculator suppose to show balances that qualify for round 6? If so, then I don’t understand why it shows a 0 balance with this address instead of the 463.874 balance that was deposited on 12/22.

I’m not worried with this being a small amount, but if this is a bug in the web wallet then it would be good to know moving forward.


The calculator shows not null balance of the address when it has more than 1000 SMARTs and when the address is qualified for the current round. Zero otherwise.


Ahh, right - completely forgot about the 1000 min. balance in a new wallet. Makes sense now, thanks.