Smart Sports Fiesta


sports are a powerful tool that brings people together and creates a sense of community. They develop connections that bond together people from all walks of life. For a long time, sports have been viewed as a way to stay healthy and in shape, but their importance goes much further. As a matter of fact, playing sports teaches life lessons like discipline, responsibility, self-confidence, accountability, and teamwork.
The Smartcash sport fiesta has a major aim of bringing about mass adoption and creating awareness about Smartcash and cryptocurrency through a blend of sports and cryptocurrency.
The fiesta will host student from three tertiary institutions from the northern region of Nigeria coming together to hold friendly competition and learn about cryptocurrency.
I and my team will be hosting inter-tertiary sports competition including
basket ball, scrabble and chess in the three schools involved in the friendly matches where the schools will be registering with Smartcash and videos of the events will be uploaded on our social media platforms also we will have a journalist, bloggers, news outlet write about the event and media stations air the event thereby reaching out to over a 100,000 Nigerians.
We will be giving out Smartcash crested medals to participants and winners in the sports,smartcash handbooks with detailed information about cryptocurrency,features of Smartcash and what they need to know about Smartcash. Also there will be fliers to enable non verbal outreach.
We will have three schools compete against each other while learning about so doing we will not only reach out to the participants involved but also to others students and spectators in the event.Also the journalists, bloggers, news outlets and media stations present will further boost our outreach by writing about Smartcash and the event in their blogs and airing it in the channels.
We intend starting with Nuhu bamalli polytechnic Zaria, proceed to Kaduna state polytechnic and round up in Kaduna State University.
I am Blessing Nathaniel a cryptocurrency evangelist and enthusiast. I got to know about cryptocurrrency since 2016 and have ever since been passionate about it and evangelising about it at every slight opportunity. I am a member of the community on discord and steemit and have been contributing my quota,i raised a proposal some months back which didn’t pass but still I wasn’t deterred because I am looking at the bigger picture . I got drawn to smart cash because of it community support system and am here to stay.
How will our activity benefit SMART CASH?
Smart Cash will obtain thousand audiences through the sports fiesta and also from the activity being aired and further publications by bloggers and journalists online.
Smartcash will gain new investors. We are going to attract young folks who will be able to
promote Smartcash efficiently.
Smart cash will get our team as a long term solid partners with rich experience in crypto-
currency adoptions strategies, business and marketing on the Nigeria markets.
Our next step is to promote Smartcash deeper and deeper into our community and institutions
Smartcash Banner/pull-ups =$150
Smart shirts=$500
Smartcash Crested medals=$300
Marketing/media publication =$500
Team bounty=$600
Crested Smart jerseys=$800
Sub Total=$4450
Contingency %20=$930


Good initiative.
Northerners are passionate about football.
That’s usually there hobby.



Is the Transportation cost for you or to get the teams to the location?

Also, I believe there is a cap of 15% for admin/contingency.


Before the proposal can be put on voting.

Please explain holw you arrive at all your numbers?


I made enquiries from different persons offering the services and leave within kaduna.I was able to come up with a production line that offers both printing services and media service at subsidized price and decided to work with them since they are closer and less expensive,.