Smart Zone: Merchant Adoption Program and SmartCard in Venezuela!


Project summary.

The idea of this project is to increase the adoption of SmartCash in Venezuela in an efficient way, where there is a direct contact with both the merchant and the general public where the main payment method is SmartCash in the various commercial sectors, achieving this way to align ourselves with the main objective of the crypto when making use of it in real life cases, positioning the Brand and highlighting it on the competition. This project also has a social nature as a way to contribute socially and responsibly with the communities in which the project is developed and the crypto is promoted.

In Venezuela there is a great human talent and it becomes the perfect setting for the adoption of crypts for various reasons; hyperinflation is a very influential factor in this as people seek to shelter their salaries and investments by migrating their capital from fiat money to cryptocurrency, another influential factor is the favorable legal framework in this area; as everyone knows the Venezuelan government due to the creation of its own cryptocurrency, has reformed the legal framework even for the mining of them and buy / sell operations are fully allowed, even if the main purpose of them are the particular interests , the truth is that this gives way to projects in this area can be developed and crypto are adopted massively, which means for SmartCash a great opportunity and a step forward in its growth throughout the country and Latin America.

What is the project about?

The main objective is to address the various commercial sectors such as Shopping Centers and their different stores, Restaurants, the tourism sector such as Hotels, inns, Risorts, Clubs, etc. Through this project we can include high impact businesses such as McDonalds, Subway, Arturo’s, etc. We do not want it to be just the acceptance of SmartCash in as many trades as possible, we want with our project, that this becomes an experiential-social-transforming experience where all the parties benefit; SmartCash, the merchants and the general public which will be the clients through this unconventional marketing strategy. We want people to live the potentials that SmartCash has for real use cases, highlight the advantages over the competition and the current means of electronic payment, and that the SmartCard is the protagonist of everything.

In each approach the Smart Zone team:

• Provide instructional and informative material about SmartCash, its benefits, the installation of wallets in the various devices.
• Deliver promotional and acceptance stickers for SmartCash as a means of payment to merchants and the general public.
• Advertising material will be placed in the vicinity of the trade such as posters, banners, etc.
• Deliver giveaways of printed products with the SmartCash logo (flannels, souvenirs, etc).
• Deliver charged SmartCards as an incentive and to manipulate this technology and experience the purchase of goods and services using SmartCash as a means of payment.
• Provide technical support in the installation of the wallets as well as the operations to be carried out, and especially everything related to SmartCash that may arise at the moment.
• Make photo shoots and recordings of the boarding.

In what way will it be carried out?

Once the resources have been approved, we will proceed to make the impressions of the stickers, the advertising material, the uniforms of the team, creation, recharge and printing of the Smartcards to distribute, as well as the acquisition of the necessary supplies to achieve the development of the project with success.

It will be previously coordinated with the selected shops, the day in which the boarding will be made, the number of people that will be served (In our opinion, we consider that these approaches will not have previous publicity since the day of the same ones there will be an over saturation of demand and there will not be enough supply to satisfy all customers, therefore, the boarding will be previously coordinated exclusively between merchants and the Smart Zone team, advertising will be done during and after the event). The merchants would be instructed in the downloading of the wallets with which they will make the receipt of the payments of the commerce, also the respective registry will be done as commerce that accepts SmartCash as a payment system.

Once the previously described has been coordinated, an approach will be made where the Recharged SmartCards will be delivered with the sufficient amount to cancel the goods and services and that are left for the subsequent use that the people wish to give. Achieving a successful Smart Day in this way!

What we want?

*Become one of the consolidated groups of SmartCash promoters aimed at attacking exclusively the commercial sector in its different areas at the national level, making synergy the other existing and emerging SmartCash initiatives and emerging in the country.
Position SmartCash as a payment system at the forefront.

*Achieve the mass adoption of SmartCash in stores.

*Achieve the mass adoption of the SmartCard.

We believe that the creation of a website on this project would expand our reach and allow us to reach a much wider audience in all national territory where we can publish all the approaches we make, updates, keep a record and database, publish instructional material and tutorial on SmartCash, create various marketing strategies aimed at the massive inclusion of businesses accepting SmartCash as a means of payment and where a pleasant and dynamic ecosystem is created.

Likewise, provide advice through exclusive workshops or seminars for merchants where we instruct them about the download of the bileteras and the use of them, how to incorporate SmartCash in their businesses and accept payments, instruct them about the contrable registry and about the taxes in the transactions made with SmartCash, how to create and make use of the SmartCard , as well as everything in SmartCash for leveraging your business.

About us

Marco Rodriguez (public accounting student), Gisbel Briceño (public accountant) and Nuharbelis Valera (economics student), all belonging to the university of Los Andes. Followers of the financial world and new technologies such as blockchain and Cryptocurrency SmartCash in particular, calls us to the attention by the differences that separate it from the rest, it is to own technologies and projects of advanced developments and oriented to become the best solution as a payment system, it is undoubtedly a great project in which we want to contribute so that it continues to grow, and give this good news to the commercial sector. For now we are, but we may have to expand the team a little more for the successful completion of the project.


Venezuela is undoubtedly a great nation, rich in both minerals and human talent, unfortunately it is going through a difficult time due to a conglomerate of interrelated circumstances, however, it is this same situation from which great ventures emerge and to exist a legal framework favorable to crypts, SmartCash becomes an ideal payment system, and we want to contribute to this being the case making synergy and coordinating with other Smart initiatives.

We want the adoption of SmartCash to expand throughout the national territory in numbers and legitimate numbers, which stands out from the competition.

Note: We have not created our networks because we wanted to see what everyone thinks about the name we chose, or if they consider that someone else is better aligned with the goal we are pursuing.

In addition, we have not raised the budget because this is a presentation of our project and we want to know the opinion of all of you on this matter to strengthen the project and make SmartCash keep growing.

Thanks in advance to everyone.


Well, SmartCash is definitely going viral in Venezuela, it is necessary that continue in this way.

This is necessary

This is important, that the initiatives work together or make synergy, achieving optimal results.

On the web, without a doubt I think it is necessary so that the work is not lost and to achieve a greater scope.

About the name … Smart Zone sounds good.

The idea is great, a project focused on addressing the commercial and tourism sector, without a doubt it has to be a success.

As an observation, an important point has to be the documentation, it is necessary that of this videos are made summaries, interviews, cases of success, photos, etc.

Successful guys, let SmartCash keep growing!


working together in this to make them real,
real adoption, real understanding, real commerce, real comunities, real money flows.

starting in many states in Venezuela at the same time!

please give feed back!


Yes a powerfull idea need a powerfull name

Smartproductions, smartcash España, Smartcash Lara, Smartcash Valencia, Smartcash Lecheria, Smartcash R Dominicana, Smartcash trujillo , and much more coming


Hi @Alen Thanks for your words and for the support.

What we want to achieve with this is the creation of a program that contributes to the growth of SmartCash throughout the national territory, making synergy with the other initiatives. Without a doubt this will be a success.

Thanks again for the support.


Hi @anon66523615 Thanks for the support, that’s right, we want to differentiate ourselves from the competition by achieving a real adoption of SmartCash here in the country, real, legitimate numbers, and the SmartCard without a doubt, is a good way for this, thus achieving, that the merchants and people, achieve a different, innovative experience to carry out purchase / sale operations using SmartCash and its various payment methods.

We’ll make SmartCash, I made a difference here.

On the realization of this program in different states at the same time, it is without a doubt a great idea and it is what we want to achieve, working together with the other initiatives.

We are working to present the project more fully, and with the contributions that arise here, it will be strengthened so that it grows firmly.

Thanks for your support.


IF it is a very good idea, we want more adoption. We even have something like that, maybe they have taken the idea of what we want to implement in different cities.
in smartcash we must be real, show real work, we do not want to become Dash, we do not want to pretend that 300 merchants accept smartcash when they lie.

Are you in our telegram or discord channels?

In what I propose I have a good plan and I am waiting for a good time to execute it in a very transparent way.

successes and I think they should upload a new proposal, (read how to develop a proposal and good tools) I see this only as an idea.

You can take a little of what I propose for Valencia, as well as what some of Lara’s friends propose
Adoption of SmartCash in 32 potential stores in Valencia - Venezuela or Tour of Merchants Adoption in Lara Venezuela!


I like the name and agree on previous points that also documentation that Alen mentioned. You present yourselves well, and if this reflects the work that you do, it would be quality work.

I’m liking what I’m seeing so far. =)


Hello @amontecal1

Thanks for your feedback, in fact, the idea is that SmartCash grow and spread throughout the national territory.

Regarding this

Our project is a little different, however, with the same objective.

I fully agree that we must differentiate ourselves from the competition by showing real and not fictitious results, that is the idea of this project, to make legitimate approaches, legitimate results, and a real and legitimate adoption of SmartCash by both merchants and the public in general.

I have reviewed your proposal, and without a doubt I think it’s great, working together is what you want, you’ve been doing a great job and I’m sure it will continue that way.

That is correct, this is an idea, but we are already working to present the official proposal for the start of the project, we have been reinforcing the idea with the feedback of all.

Thank you for your comment and for your support, you will have our support when you upload it to the voting system. Regards,


Hi @SovietTiget2

Thanks for your support, I really appreciate it. I agree with what you and @Alen say, the idea is to show real and legitimate results and the documentation of these approaches will be the evidence of the results obtained, we will make sure to show a high level of work. Thanks again. Regards,