SmartCard International Credit Card


SmartCard could provide a solution for ‘international credit card’ (as NuBank and others), as extension for SmartCard solution, we already have. The architecture of the solution would be as follows:

  1. Client (credit card holder) buy products/services accordingly your credit limit in his/her fiat currency.
  2. Payment system (Smartpay) demands for smartcash from fiat currency
  3. Seller receives smartcash minus lower tax (1% to 3%, visa/master charges in avarege 5%)
  4. SmartCard/Pay receives tax value.
  5. Client (credit card holder) receives from SmartCard/Pay a fraction of tax (SmartCash rewards)

This could help the value of smartcash rise by the demand to trade fiat currency to smartcash.


Do you think any credit card company will accept?


Smartcash is a community of many, many people… I’m not working with the possibility to bring Visa / Master to use our blockchain technology.

With the adequate capitalization, we could update smartcard/smartpay solution to provide international credit card services (as rival/competitor like Visa/Master).

Why should I have a smartcard? Today, the competitive advantage compared to other players is none. It is simply to change the way of payment.

Smartcard and smartpay is a breakthrough and we need to improve it, not only to debit transactions but credit too…

An international credit card solution “smartcard/smartpay” based is a solution for all, including those who are resistant to the ‘crypto world’. Companies and customers will continue to use fiat currency in any establishment, but all infra behind the scene is smartcash. A smartcash solution for financial settlement and a valuation vector in the asset price.


hi Diego, I think your proposal is very good, however, how would the massive strategy of convincing so that the credit institutions and the people understand this system in a prudential lapse?


Our community would provide necessary credit (funds) to be the operational guarantee of credits. We already have payment and card system, so… Community is the credit institution (that hold the funds). Members are encouraged to participate in return for smartcash (from taxes).

People (clients) will be encouraged to use credit card if we capillize it through companies and if credit card offers an incentive program (smartcash mileage, for example). It is not difficult because we don’t need complex machines like Visa/Master use to do (to buy or rent). All we have is a QR-Code credit card to client + SmartPay in the smartphone company…

So, these are steps I propose to do:

  1. Raise funds;
  2. Regulate credit institution;
  3. Update SmartPay/SmartCard system.


@diegoquirino TenX, Uqid, BitPay, Monaco and many others are list of DebitCard services that had to stop their operations in many regions or ICOs that could not take off, promising pretty much what you are suggesting. My question:

  • how do you plan to get around the regulations in the many different regions and anti crypto policies by the Banking system in many Countries

  • How are you going to convince people to go back to a system already known to be broken?


Hello @nitego, thanks for help!

The idea is to regulate a Credit Card Institution, like Visa / Master, this is the central purpose.

Today, some banks use crypto like Ripple to transfer money “inside themselves”. So, what do people and government see/regulate? “Credit Card Bills and Fiat Currency”. It is nothing strange / aside the normal market until now.

Where does SMARTCASH go?

In this proposal, SMARTCASH works like Ripple: Fiat (client) -> SMARTCASH -> Fiat (merchant) full instant transactions, with the goal to empower this comunity, with the advantages to use SMARTCARD infra that already disponible (easy to client, easy to merchant).

Why do this conversion benefit SMARTCASH? Because fiat client is always a value greater then fiat merchant (so, fiat buy a quantity of smartcash that is greater then is sold instantly), and the SMARTCREDIT Institution holds smartcash funds exceeds “inside itself” (maintenance - people and infra -, client/merchant bonuses, etc…).

I hope had helped do clarify this idea.


This is a good idea, and one that would surely be beneficial. However, it seems outside the scope of a project suitable for the SmartCash Project Treasury.

I suggest you raise funds independently from business owners to build out such a system and work towards open source interoperability with the SmartPay/SmartCard API.