SmartCash 0.3 ( Pluto - Mandatory update!


Please update to the latest version SmartCash 0.3 ( Pluto.

Release notes:

  • Renew and Reclaim work with single inputs
  • At Block 90,000, SmartHive funds will rotate payments over 95 blocks reducing 4 transaction per block.
  • At Block 90,000, Difficulty will adjust every 12 Hours to reduce long block times.
  • Removed miner from wallet that was causing false virus warnings.
  • Fixed blockreward calculation
  • Created Block Download tool, to relieve sync issues


After downloading this current version, Do we need to start sync from start or we can just copy the existing block from the old wallet folder?


Just download and the run the new client. No need to sync from the start. It will resume synching from where it left off.


Ok, Many thanks. I am grateful for the prompt response


Downloaded and updated the wallet so fricken easy.
The best mandatory update I have ever done with any wallet.
Restarted with no issues.



I downloaded and run the new version last night, it works well. But this morning when i turn on my PC its not syncing again. Stopped at block 85095 (The numbers of connecting to network is increasing but the syncing is stocked)

For me to start syncing from start again will be the 3rd time i am doing so this week alone.


Do I need to resync if I’m already past block 90k on old version?
It’s not working, stuck on 470 block. Loading block from file is extremely slow (if working at all).
Also windows wallet/linux node just exits first time you launch it.


Allright :slight_smile: Not bad.


Pretty bad, actually) Sync only finds a bunch of nodes with 470 blocks, so without addnode new version is not downloading a blockchain. Fresh working nodes can be found here:
From my node:
From official block explorer:


The wallet has problem to synchronize, some problem?