SmartCash (Hotfix) Mandatory Update


Please make sure to update to the latest SmartCash version The new version contains a wallet sync hotfix.

You can download the new wallet from our download page


@JuicyG Do i need to backup my wallet or can i just download en run the new one?


It’s always a good idea to make a backup before upgrading.
But it should be a simple replace and run :slight_smile:


Help please!

I encrypted my wallet because thats the safest thing to do i guess. After encrypting it, i wanted to sync all over again. this took the hole day. After syncing, i closed it and started it up again. Then i wanted to sync for the second time!

So i downloaded the new wallet like you said and tried running it. Now i only see this screen:

I made 1 backup of my wallet (.dat file right)?

As you can see, the wallet is stuck. Do i have to wait another day so it can sync or is there something else i can do? I don’t want to lose my smartcash and i’m fairly new to all of this.


Ok, so it seems like it’s reindexing the blocks again.

Is there some other way that can backup information/smartcash-adres? So that i can alway’s acces my account?


@Gerben89 It may have just been a fluke, in regards to the upgrade, you should not have needed a reindex, and a reindex is rarely needed.
If you want a more accessible solution, you could take a look at the web wallet.
You can import your current addresses into it, if needed.


@ccodam, thanks for your reply! Seems like my wallet is working normal again. The new version runs a lot smoother.

I will look into the web wallet. Seems like a nice addition.


Do I need to update my wallet before the SmartRewards snapshot in order to get SmartRewards?


No it’s not needed, it is also not needed to have the wallet online or fully synced.


How do I backup wallet on android app and can I change $ to £ I’m in uk . How do I add my wallet to other device without new account ?


We currently do not have a currency converter but that will be added soon
To backup you wallet you can export you private keys and save it on a safe location.
You can use your credentials to login to the web wallet in any device


Ok thankyou . Does the android wallet update automatically with any changes versions ?