SmartCash Adoption Conference in Venezuela



So you only need $350 USD ?


Hello somnium, no you are only seeing a part of the image open it to see the full budget for the adoption campaing and conferences to be made in Caracas Venezuela.


Oh i see thank you.

Project looks good


It’s disappointing that you don’t seem to be understanding the request that projects start out small so that the community can come to trust you. That request was made explicitly by myself and other members of the community in your last proposal. $2,500 for international airfare for your “partners”? Just repackaging an idea that was rejected previously by the community is not a winning strategy.

Here’s an idea. Try doing a conference in Caracas without flying in your partners and without the opaque “investment challenge”. That will show us that you can in fact pull off the basics of renting a suitable auditorium and pull off the logistics necessary to put on a conference with promotional materials. Taking these two components out will save nearly $10,000 USD. If you are successful then you will have gone a long way to earning the trust of the community and then for your next project you could add in additional large ticket items. IMO that modified proposal would stand a much better chance of being voted in.


I too question what seems to be a watered down version of the first proposal. investment challenge $5000? details on what that encompasses would be nice. flight and accommodations for your partners? whomever your partner is in Venezuela should be able to handle things on the ground with your team coordinating from home. Im personally not voting for anything that involves flights and hotel rooms for several people.


Your proposal budget supposedly used 9000$ just in shirts, so we think is fair we bring our friends from Brazil and Argentina to do the conferences. Anyway they are the ones who will help us bring our project to the rest of Latin America, I think it would be good if the Smartcash community gets to meet them.


Hello Jsilk, About the investment challenge of $5000. We want to make a kind of contest for entrepreneurs in which they will bring us ideas of how to adopt smartcash to their entrepreneurship effectively, and the best idea would get 5000$ worth of Smarts with the objective of making possible their idea. The winner also would get our legal and technical advice.

We Believe that this kind of contest will get Smartcash to be known around Venezuelan Startup community, which is good for the Smartcash community too.