*Smartcash Adoption in Synergy with start ups in Abuja, Nigeria*


Smart-Cash is an alt coin with a market capitalisation of about $76,409,782 USD in the cryptocurrrency coin market capitalisation
Smart is a project born out of the desire to create a viable, fast, and merchant oriented, user friendly and community driven cryptocurrency with a decentralized governance system. We aim to create the most nimble and fast growing cryptocurrency by aggressively prioritizing block rewards to growing our community.
Now we are in touch for acceptability
What makes smart cash unique?
SmartCash is designed a community-centric cryptocurrency, where community and development comes first, can you beat that
According to Richard Branson, CRYPTO CURRENCY will transform the world.
Smart cash has come to end poverty globally, and one way we can create such wealth is to call startup businesses to adopt these means of payment as major, and also as an investment where you benefit from its master nodes.
Smart cash is a paradigm shift, and it’s a belief and truth of the moment and our goal is financial freedom in the block chain industry which is the main reason we come into smart cash.

We want to start this campaign in our higher institution; we believe we can bring the largest focus of the population of Nigeria and the continent at large, which is the youth.
We believe her youth are the leaders; we are the larger population that is why even the development of our country requires the presence and input of its youth.
We cannot over emphasize the creation of awareness in Africa.
The Nigerian youths have being used by corrupt politicians and that’s why our politicians always run to the youth during elections , promise them empowerment and dump them afterwards instead of showing them entrepreneurial opportunities which we intend to do with smartcash.
We have so many start ups in Lagos, Abuja coming up every day, so we intend to use startups that can make our youths self employed in various aspects that will yield economic development, moving towards millennium development goals , and one way to get this done is to engage startups
We have seen from experiences that there lots of people and organization are interested in the blockchain technology not just the payment aspect but the technology to solve one local problem or the other.
Amidst various challenges startups face daily like promoting and expanding their businesses, we introduce smartcash , a better payment and investment system

Participants would be trained on
 The evolution of a new technology , THE INTERNET OF MONEY and called the blockchain technology
 History of Money
 Bitcoin and other Crypto-currencies
 Why smart cash?
 Smart cash :
 Installation of smartcash wallets
 Unique features of smartcash which includes smart rewards, smartnodes, smartforums and smartvoting.
 How and where to trade smartcash
 Benefits of using smartcash for their businesses and not other altcoins
 Investing in Smart cash.

Our focus is SMARTCASH as a means of payment, showing participants all the features that makes smart better alternative to their payment system. No one can dispute the fact that everyone appreciates an easy, simple and flexile life or a better option, a decentralized payment system, fully decentralized.
It promises to be a mind blowing event holding in several cities around Nigeria
SmartCash have placed a huge focus on the community, I can boldly say smart cash is a community cryptocurrency, so much so that we set aside 70% of the budget to fund projects the community would like to pursue, leaving only 30% for certain projects like system maintenance and some other basic needs. We highly encourage anyone with the skills to help grow SmartCash to get involved in the community and bring your best creative ideas with you

We are fired, passionate and willing to go down to the masses on the street to educate them on this financial freedom, to the extreme rural areas, to high schools , college, and universities, tell them to buy and hold these investment that will transform their lives forever, we will educate them on why smart cash is their best win at the moment sharing bitcoin experiences , guys in 2009 if you had the opportunity to invest in bitcoin you would frown at it, here comes another opportunity to secure your future today.
We want to do 5 events in each state, cities monthly in Nigeria starting from Abuja its federal capital, and then we focus on other major cities like Portharcourt, Lagos, Delta, Kano and Maiduguri.
Our target is 500 participants per state and we plan giving out smart gifts to the first 50 participants in all our events
Every participant’s stands to enjoy
 One on one session
 Coaching session with our experts
 Freebees of $5 smart to the first 50 participants in each event centre, we intend to use these as a campaign strategy to our events
 Participants also stands to benefit
 Access to mentors
 Access to other partners

Also we plan involving the youth at large through a scheme by the Federal Republic of Nigeria called National Youth Service Corps where graduates all over who is a citizen of Nigeria are called for services to her nation,
We have plans we have come up with, a strategy that allows us go round the 34 states of the nation where thousands of youths will be camping,
We will enlighten them on smart cash, and then encourage saving their future now by getting involved
We will show them the futuristic plans, this is financial freedom to communities and Africa at large, in 2009 if you had the opportunity to invest in bitcoin you would frown at it, here comes smart cash another opportunity to secure your future today.
We are ready to go with you.
Logistics and necessary tools and equipment needed to achieve this project is highlighted below

To effectively participate in the Nigerian market, it is imperative to consider awareness and publicity, to these ends, the information below states how this can be achieved.

We are going to identify small, medium and large scale business entrepreneur and startups
Host conference and seminar event
Organize jingles on radio and social media tv
Advertisement materials which includes , posters, , stickers, roll up banners and producing smart t-shirts
Giving out $5 of smartcash to the first 50participants who are business owners
Conference hall rental (1day) $250
Refreshment for 100 participants per event $500
Ushers/Ad-hoc staff to assist during the events 5people $10each for their services $50

Promotion, radio jingles for 1 month $300
100 smartcash branded T-shirt $550
Hand bills, posters and banners $300
Press team for video and photo coverage $300
Rentals $100

Stationeries $150
Logistics/local travel(vehicle rental) $300
Salaries for staffs $750
Other expenses $200
Free bees for 400 participant $2000
TOTAL $5,750


So is the that the total for each event? It seems that you will be doing a number of events but you have the costs split up under each event? You will need promotional materials for each event? Did that Conf Hall rental include all of the events? Please be more specific about costs.


Thanks for the response, its actually meant for an event, one event in Abuja, so it is the success of the event that will determine other subsequent event.
we have put in place what we need to make these event a success.
These cost is for an event, promotional materials all budgeted for in these event.

Thanks , and i hope i have answered your point


Apart from enlightening them about smartcash, what other foundation or Impressions will you lay for them to understand that smartcash isn’t just a crypto project but a currency suitable for daily transactions and payment- lots of proposals i have read and voted for, keep coming same way and same adoption process with out finding out a key major facts that will lay an unforgettable experience on the event, using what really works in the Africa continents to use and draw attentions.


crypro currency Education is the first thing, not even adoption as currency for daily transaction, it is beyond that
for crypto currency to replace fiat, we all have work to to in creating awarness and in telling small, medium and large scale business tat of all crypto , smart cash is the best, and for the fact that its a community driven project, it makes the adoption easy to for adoption.

Note this, every one comes up with a project , we have come up with a different strategy ,
The major problem of we saw is , awareness and adoption and we have come to tell the people the way which is a better option of payment


well if you read or follow up previous proposals you all see nothing is different only just different date!! i think the Africans needs a lot of crypto currency lectures - Africans are really behind in this sphere, though they are some crypto projects uprising “atm” like cgt, pep, they haven’t really gain much attention as few people now or used them, well Abuja is the capital of NIG, so i guess if its done right Good things might come up-Good luck mate.


Thanks buddy, i am excited you know that we cant over emphasize the need for Educating us, we have good projects like you mentioned a few .we want to really do this , the people need to be educated.

thanks Gee


I have observed that all the African proposals come from Ghana and Nigeria, do you know what is currently the rate of commercialization or the volume of smartcash transactions in these countries? Regards!!