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About Smartcash Buenos Aires

the first legal Latin-Americanhub open-source Smartcash company. It is incorporated in Argentina and is a new kind of Smartcash Sub-DAO, which is acting as an entire professional marketing, education, integration, develop and support service agency for Smartcash with a legal network of well-known crypto experienced law firms behind it. The overall goal is to increase the acceptance of Smartcash as a means of payment by increasing the Smartcash Eco-System with partnerships and cooperation’s. As a Sub-DAO it represents the clear efforts to push Smartcash as soon as possible to mass adoption.

We have set the standards of reporting and transparency at the legal maximum to ourselves. We will always provide the public and therefore the Smartcash Community with all data we legally may publish.

We also publish all our PR, Events, Announcements, Articles, Interviews, Workshops, Conference Attendances and Integration Successes on forum website:

All Reports are also available in our monthly Smartcash Forum Thread, in our channel on Smartcash Discord and on the Smartcash website

We want to promote Smartcash, Smarthive dynamics & blockchain technology adoption around local entrepreneurs and startups showing how they can benefit from it by organizing meetups and small events, also we want to manage a entrepreneur contest with a Smart prize to raise the awareness of the locals about smartcash community and open an office for longterm adoption


@disruptgab You have descirbed the “What” and it would be good to describe the “How”, since this is a pre-proposal channel, all the proposals have to include a list of tasks, timeline, prices, salaries, expenses, measurable goals, team members, previous experience in the SmartCash ecosystem.

There are still a lot of clarifying issues here, such as how the Sub-DAO and the “company” would work.

I recommend you to start from a small and achievable proposal and grow from there, your idea could be good but it still lacks of structure and budget.

Argentina is a good country and the community would support any initiative as long as it is well structured.


Hello, I like that the adoption movement in argentina is starting. I am new to Smartcash community but I am a enthusiast of blockchain technology and reside here in Buenos Aires. I will follow your progress @disruptgab


Today we will publish our milestone! Our budget and our action plan …

For now we estimate an operating cost before the first deployment of the smartcash development ambassador MVP in Buenos Aires. $ 3,500 for 3 months of operations.

We have a group of 3 developers and 2 project management engineers.

The goal is to reach teams of 2-3 people in 3 different areas of cooworking here in Argentina. For a total of a team of 9 people by the end of the first month of the project.

I am the founder of this endeavor and together with my team we have already had more than 7 months in the Smartcash community actively involved in all the social networks and attending all the adoption events that have been possible. We have made several meetup on disruptive technology where we have presented Smartcash as a possible solution to the uncontrolled inflation that Argentina is suffering.

Cooworking Space for Ambassador Team of Smartcash Buenos Aires


@disruptgab do you have images and or videos of those meetups done in Argentina? Links?
Have you reached the SmartCash Developers about the idea?


Sure! We participated in several Blockchain events in Cordoba and Buenos Aires, in the moments of networking we talked a lot about Smartcash and how we could make a large community of developers grow here in Argentina.


We have attended various events about Blockchain supporting all efforts to educate people.


Full Budget!


Full proposal