SmartCash Balkan countries promotion for 2019 - 2nd proposal




this is our 2nd proposal for the Balkan countries promotion our very first proposal was back in Q1 2018. The first one has failed, and we weren’t funded while other ‘shady’ proposals were funded and never updated anything on this forum.

1. Timeline

We will organize 3 big meetups in Belgrade, Sarajevo and Zagreb.
The event dates will be updated later on.

2. Proposal Goal

We want to make a big SmartCash community in this part of Europe - Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Croatia.

Hence, we want to integrate SmartCash solution into E-Commerce and into the retail stores. However, we have to encourage everyone through our presentation to start integrating SmartCash solution into their business.

We can’t do it without meetups and showing what SmartCash can do on the spot!

These countries can be the ideal country to spread the word about SmartCash.

That’s our main goal and we won’t let you down!

3. Who Are We?

We are experienced IT professionals with more than 10 years experience in GSM field, and we have been operating as company since 2000.
Last five years we gained so much interest in Blockchain Technology and started developing blockchain based networks, decentralized apps, and distributed ledgers. We believe that these technologies are changing the world.

4. Our SmartCash Experience

We’ve been interested in Bitcoin, SmartCash and other cryptocurrencies for a few years. SmartCash surprised us with it’s cheap transactions and great stability. Community focused hive team concept is successful in decentralization and it’s very helpful for any cryptocurrency project.
SmartNodes and SmartRewards are also huge step forward for steady network growth, but we still need to work much more.

5. Budget

We need monthly income for our projects to cover expenses on monthly basis for next 6-month period. However, we will keep track of our financial activity and will make all transparent during the period.
Beside our main expenses for the project, we will have travel, accommodation and meetup costs as well.
Amount needed for three events and for quality program and other expenses is 4,500$US.

6. Conclusions

The money we get from SmartCash we will use in the best possible way. We will try to promote as much as we can and we will try to include as many media as possible.

We have so many ideas and we sincerely think we can realise it in cooperation with cryptocurrency such as we believe the SmartCash is.


How about tell us your expenses and all the different things you will be doing? Saying you will spend in “the best possible way” on 3 events and 6 months of salary is not going to get any votes.

Please tie your activity to the amount of new users or new merchants you expect to get on-board. Your travel and events are not beneficial unless the result is getting more people involved. At the very least estimate how many people you will give presentations to or talk to 1 on 1.



So you want me to write how much is the price for the rent where event will be organized? How much we will pay for the travel expenses? And etc…

Ridiculous, isn’t it?

If you are considering that this is some ‘playing’ project, than we should stop with this proposal at the start.

But, I will be more than happy if you can make calculation for the next things;

3 events in 3 different cities and 3 different countries with up to 100 attendants to cover with 4,500$ - you are probably wrong, because on top of this amount I see a lot of more expenses. - and yes, It is ‘the best possible way’ to spend this amount on these events, will be tie tho.

We are targeting all merchants and invitations will be RSVP. You are saying new merchants or new users? Every merchant we involve into SmartCash project in this part of Europe is new user, you have NO merchants in this part of Europe at all - so basically, every education is worth.

Event wont be talk to 1 on 1 at very beggining, maybe after SmartCash presentation and A&Q we will have some time afterwards for those talks.