Smartcash + Bitven (Corporative Business Adoption Propose)


The objective of Bitven is through our forums reach the business sectors interested in the world Crypto and show the Smartcash platform as a safe and easy currency and give you the usability you need…

Our strength is our link to different business organizations and hence create a dynamic of forums that we cover 600 people in 7 approximate forums in the next 4 months. Our calendar is defined in the following way forum in Lara state business sectors last month of the year.

Objectives: Main goals

  1. Business Office of Smartcash: An interior design will be made with the Smartcash brand manual maintaining a corporate identity of Smartcash in Venezuela.

  2. Workshop and conference: There will be a series of events focused on adoption and marketing training using Smartcash.
    8 Forums and Workshops (2 forum in the last quarter of 2018, 3 forums for the first trimester and 3 workshops theoretical practical).

  3. Canaima industry Project: Through a strategic alliance with the Venezuelan company Canaima is seeking to disseminate the conscientization about Smartcash (preloading the wallet of smart cash in products assembled by the industry, in addition to Use tutorials).

  4. Tourism Sector Project: Encourage the use of tourism service providers through to smarcash and promote foreign investment driven by luxury hotels in the city.

  5. Sponsorship proposal: Through Bitven will be channeled different organizations and non-profit groups that required financing in exchange for raising the name of Smartcash.

For the first quarters of the year 2019 will be made the next goal:

  • -We bring a proposal from BITVEN technology a Venezuelan company of technology blockchain in alliance with Smartcash where we will achieve that Smartcash is a reference as currency of exchange of goods and services, our main strategy is through Different workshops and forums that we will dictate in different private institutions to grow the Smartcash community. Create a route through 5 strategic states where we will explain the scope of SMARTCASH projects, sensing the business sectors and Union organizations of the country, enthusiasts of the blockchain technology and communities of Young university students where in this Last community we want to play at least 20 universities in greater Caracas where three major states enter the country. Already in our experience with more than 80 Already in our experience with more than 80 free forums that we have dictated to support the usability of the Criptocurrency in the region we leverage to dictate a serious of workshops with the best team of work. We will be able to position Smartcash as a reference currency showing how easy it is to use it through tablets and thus give access to this technology. One strategy that we are going to implement to our billboard of clients is to motivate you to invest in smarnode. This strategy that we are going to implement Leverage Latin America and positively contribute to value-reserve solutions, taking into account the need to reduce inflationary rates and the possibility of paying international suppliers. We are very committed to ally ourselves to Smartcash so we represent and converse with the different companies on the projects Smartcash in the framework of the SUMMIT LATAM BOGOTA 2018 where we took this first step and better from this platform. We hope to continue to grow and support the Smartcash community in the coming years.

International representation as Ambassador of Smartcash at the business level.

What have we accomplished?


Scope of Project:

Provide information to more than 2000 people where business groups and industrial chambers are immersed. The points to be discussed are:

-Community Smartcash, investment smartcash development in projects, use of the wallet and exchange of Smart-Fiat.

-Linking Smartcash to the private sector as strategic alliances between Smartcasch and the Venezuelan business sector in order to offer Smartcash products and services in a strategic alliance.

How to achieve this:

-Through an intensive calendar of forum workshops where we will address different public and private companies, as we have shown in INDUSTRIA CANAIMA, VIT.

-Maximize of the use of Smartcash by means of the preloading of the wallet in different intelligent devices of massive use in Venezuela (Tablet Canaima, Vit).

-Interactive user Manual and video tutorials for use.

-Workshop Coference that encourage the grouping of different companies to Smartcash to diversify the niche markets of Smartcash.


-17 and 18 October Blockchain Summit Latan Colombia 2018.

-5 November workshop to the oil industry DUCOLSA.

-25 November Industria Canaima Workshop.


Without a budget this is not a complete proposal. Please add one.


we have a budget but we want see first a opinion about this proposal after we put them.


I think a business office is unnecessary expense. The rest seems fine, however, efficient execution of a project is what would make this a good idea.

It is entirely impossible to evaluate this without knowing the costs. It’s not if an idea is good or not in principle, it has to be an efficient business proposal.

If this was $1, go for it. if it was $20,000 … then it’s a bad idea. There also are no indications of the scope of this project. How many people it intends to reach, how the methods will be evaluated.

It is not a proposal yet. So consider how to make this a complete idea you could pitch to any business leader in the world.


Yes , you right and we know that , we have everythink in paper with cost , pictures , videos , how many people we touch and how much we can get with this proyect.

Is not only a business office , this proyect is for caugth our city , our country and another city like bogota Colombia and other.

We are prepare this proyect with all your point and more , but this Pre-Proposal is like sample but if you said we need everythink to show you the complete proyect , we can do it


Venezuela is high risk right now. who knows that the gov will do there they love monopolies so I’m not sure they’ll tolerate international cryptos especially since China’s advising them on policy… the money we’ve invested in Venezuela (MonkeyCoin) were all for nothing for the most part, so lesson learned there. just a matter of time until Venezuela bans international cryptocurrencies…


In spite of the adversities that the country has at the moment we have faith, tools and work to work as we have done with our dedication and we know that this situation will improve and we will be much better located like this. If with these difficulties we have managed to form a consolidated team of dated and strong work in the very near future we will be better. Your bad experiment we does not limit our work, we are alert and prepared for this type of work.


i don’t understand when you say “your bad experiment”… but if you really understand the main goal of smartcash, you will see that Venezuela is not able to adopt smartcash in the way we want…


Your bad experience you commented on. If I know perfectly well the goals and the end that we want to achieve with smartcash don’t worry. Opinion is free but believing to be right with only your knowledge base is a mistake.