and brochure/white translation to igbo, hausa, yoruba and nigerian pidgin english



Smartcash as a currency has gained some percentage of awareness amongst media personnel’s and some of them have written about it on their various media platforms to bring its awareness to the general public so as to increase its awareness and adoption all over Nigeria.

With the steady increase in the awareness, adoption and use of cryptocurrency in Nigeria, it is important that Smartcash is made known in major local governments, cities and states in Nigeria by communicating Smartcash related information to Nigerians in their major languages.


The central purpose of this proposal is to increase the already growing awareness and adoption of Smartcash in Nigeria, make smartcash and the technology behind it known and accessible even to the Indigenous Nigerians from diverse localities.

With this in place; Smartcash wouldn’t just be a currency that is known and used by techy Nigerian citizens but also by the none techy citizens.


Milestones and Brochure Translation: We will be embarking on a week and brochure/white paper translation campaign which will enable us arrive at the goal of translating the entire website and brochure into indigenous Nigerian pidgin English, Yoruba, Hausa and Ibo which is majorly spoken by Nigerians all over the country/world.


With the translated main smartcash website and brochure, it would be easy for Nigerians all over the world to familiarizes themselves with Smartcash and its utilities, this wouldn’t just be a boost to the community but also; Smartcash will be the first cryptocurrency to have translated their website and brochure/white paper into these Nigerian languages.


The required time needed for the execution of the project depends on the time it takes for the completion of each translation.

  • Website/Brochure Translation: from our calculation it was estimated that the translation of the website and brochure into Nigerian Pidgin English, Hausa, Yoruba and Igbo will take the team of translators approximately 1 week for the translation and proofreading of the translated website and brochure/whitepaper.


For the community to stay abreast with the challenges and progress of this project; we will be uploading a concise report which will be in a portable document format (.pdf) document at the end of each completed translation.

Crypto-fairy is a smartcash advocate and a cryptocurrency enthusiast whom through her a lot of Nigerians have been exposed to the crypto-sphere. She has contributed to the Smartcash community through meetups, seminars and conferences in which she has spoken and introduced people to the Smartcash community and all it has to offer the Nigerian Nation and the World as a whole.

Crypto-fairy and her team through the proposal “CREATING-SMART-JOURNALISTS-UNION-SJU” and the support of the community organized 3 seminars in three different states in Nigeria where they educated journalist, bloggers and TV/Radio presenters alike on the importance of cryptocurrency and how it can change the financial world using Smartcash to site examples. This steered up the creating of a “Smart Journalist Union” in which under the union a couple of articles have been published about Smartcash which in turn increased the awareness of Smartcash in the Nation.


Considering the amount of time and energy that has been put into researching and the careful analyzes of every detail, it is without doubt that this project is right for the Smartcash community and that it will yield high returns for the community.

This project is designed to ensure the steady increase in awareness, purchase and use of smartcash in Nigeria by creating an avenue for Nigerians Worldwide to familiarize themselves with Smartcash, thereby giving citizens an opportunity to understand Smartcash better.


** (Website and Brochure Translation)**

Nigerian Pidgin English (translation & proofreading) $500
Ibo (translation and proofreading) $500
Hausa (translation and proofreading) $500
Yoruba (translation and proofreading) $500
TOTAL $2000 Igbo Translation Sample

THANK YOU!! :slightly_smiling_face:

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Its indeed a nice proposal and i tell you to go ahead with it,this would enable anyone in Nigeria to understand the smartcash website. i only have issues with the amount requested isn’t it to much and inflated? expecially the Neon signs?
still a good proposal
meanwhile for all this your effort won’t you be paid for the services/skills and time your rendered? :no_mouth:
i just want to know.


Thank you so much @marshalllife for your feedback.
I totally agree with the fact that it “would enable anyone in Nigeria to understand the smartcash website”.

About the price for the items presented and the payment for my work, It was an error on my part but that has been corrected now.

I am glad you like the proposal, i hope others see the benefit in it.


Crypto-fairy its a nice proposal well placed which I know will benefit the smartcash community because a lot of natives would be able to relate and understand better and like you rightly said good work on correcting the proposed budget fee and I hope the proposal passes


Thank you so much for the feedback.