SmartCash Colorado Chapter, Bridge to WORLD


Bringing SmartCash to Denver, Boulder, and surrounding cities. Inspiring, inviting, and hosting merchant adoption, use in events and amongst communities in the Front Range.
Invigorating Merchant adoption by firstly promoting and educating current merchants involved in Warriors Of the Rainbow Lodge Distribution/WORLD which has access to over one hundred merchants highly likely to integrate SmartCash and disseminate it to clients.

Focus- Create Interaction between merchants and customers regularly in Front Range, CO. Generate Users and Promote to major markets through events and promotions. Create Partnerships and generate awareness.

Secondary/Long Term- Use this Chapter activity to create greater sponsorships amongst community involved in major markets and mass adopters. Create an influence at major events in Front Range for generating greater user activity and opportunity.

Team Formation and Development/Education/Growth
Merchant Adoption
Customer/User Adoption
Event Creation and Promotion (Educational Events, Sponsored Events, Meetups)
Create Ad campaign for delivery/taxi drivers in Boulder
Create Referral Program

What is WORLD?
The Warriors Of the Rainbow Lodge Distribution is connecting communities around the world in commerce to benefit the people that are creating a better world for all of us financially, so that we may manifest more of the products and services that are holistic and supportive of better practices. We are generating a system for which the most beneficial practices and projects are supported on one network that may promote those ways of living and doing business. By creating the container for the connection of all parts of the world in practical, ethical, and distinct commercial enterprise, we are able to form an abundant alliance that empowers the most beneficial projects and people.

We have a very active community here on the Front Range.
Some of our Partners:
We Are Change Colorado
StarTribe Alliance
StarWater Bar
Tribal Vision Festival

There are many more, and with the impetus from this proposal, they will all integrate SmartCash as Merchants and push it to the respective community followings.

Regular Activities:

  1. Meetups, Monthly
  2. Event Creation and Participation, Monthly.
    a. Potential Partnership/Sponsorship with We Are Change, CO
    b. University of Colorado Boulder and Denver
    c. Naropa University
    d. Community Hubs
    e. Cryptocurrency Meetups
  3. Community Surveying, Monthly
    a. Polls and Surveys maximize outreach and generate awareness
    b. Surveys are cost effective ways of learning community opinion and structuring approach
  4. SmartCash Advocacy Material
    a. Targeted Pamphlets/Brochures
    b. Merchandise (Wristbands, Tradeshow Bags, Lanyards, Flash Drives, Apparel, Bumper Stickers)
    c. Mailing List Generation, building upon WORLD mailing list and willing partners
    d. Social Media Curation


Team Total for Professional Services- >728 Hours/6 Months = $18,940
(>121 Hours/Month) = $3,157

  1. Corey Haag- CEO, Warriors Of the Rainbow Lodge Distribution/WORLD
    WORLD Resource Dedication
    Management and Organization

120 Hours = $4862

  1. Chireya Fox (Contract)-
    Branding and Marketing, Public Perception Strategist
    ±10 Hours = $1500
  2. Djedi Administrative Services (Contract)-
    Administrative Task Management
    ±30 Hours = $990
  3. Brandi Kegley (Contract)-
    Project Management/Event Production and Planning

90 Hours = $2700

  1. Samara Nait, Brooke Harmon, and associates (Contract)-
    Inventory Management, Merchant/Customer Sourcing and Outreach

120 Hours = $1920

  1. Surveyors, Public Outreach and Direct Marketing, Social Media
    ± 288 Hours $2938
  2. Special Contracts/Temp /SmartCash Community
    ±70 Hours = $1030
  3. SmartCash Event Speakers/Spokespersons

Total for Materials and Resources = $11,060

  1. Pamphlets/Brochures 10-20k – $1200
  2. Merchandise – $2000
  3. Event Space – $4860
    a. JFCL, Denver
    b. Integral Center, Boulder
    c. More
  4. SmartCash for Merchant/Customer Startup Incentive – $3000
    a. $5/111 SmartCash Incentive = 400 Merchants
    b. $2.5/55 SmartCash Incentive = 400 Customers

Who am I:

My name is Corey Haag. I am known by Haji.
For those of you that have visited Anarchapulco, you have probably seen me, or visited my WORLD booth. We were parked next to SmartCash.

I am many things, which you can read about me and visit my profiles everywhere and anywhere you like:
" " /@hajijah36
SmartCash Proposal-
I am the author of a book…
“Wandering Thoughts Center Mind”

WORLD- The Bigger Picture:

The niche that we fill, is the one-stop shop, organic and ecologically friendly. accepting alternative forms of currency, supporting local and hyper-local economies and communities, and providing options for the most easeful and conscientious shopping possible.
“WORLD is working on the creation of a website that will bridge the large gap between the 7 billion people around the planet that do not hear about crypto currencies and alternative means of living with the most advanced systems that will be the Renaissance of the planet.

The website we are creating will be utilizing the best qualities pulled from all the available options of today and eliminating the aspects that can no longer serve us or never have. Using very high-quality standards, we care for our planet, the creators of goods, and the consumers of those goods. By altering the application of commerce, or exchange, on the planet to be more accessible, and beneficial to all people, we will see the change in our habits, mentalities, and behaviors as we become more holistically aligned. The best way to change the world is to do it without anyone noticing anything happened. Whatever you fight, you empower. Infinite Blessings!”


Seems very unspecific and large. Maybe try breaking it down into smaller proposals where more details are mentioned.

Its hard to visualize how you will be spending all of these hours of all of these people. Chireya Fox seems expensive as well at $150/hr.


It is large indeed. What needs more specification particularly?
The named people on this list are people I know can produce the desired results. I have worked with them before. The cost of each is reduced because of the prior association. Chireya at $150 an hr is half of her regular ticket. These are professionals in their respective fields, and more so are connected and will be utilizing free associations to work with this as well. It is a community effort, and by integrating SmartCash, we can see benefits on all ends.
I will add more details, though I don’t know if I see where it is unspecific. I didn’t want to clog the important parts either with too much info.

The numbers provided are outlining 6 months of activity as well. And in the scope of what all I would like to propose here, I feel this is a minor move, with the intent to build some foundational pieces for SmartCash to become involved in a community that is ripe to accept and work with it. There is obviously no guarantee, but in this case the financial burden is far less than the potential benefit. I have a meeting this week, for example, with a whale in the festival industry. Imagine wide acceptance of SmartCash in the festival communities. This requires a small amount of flexibility to create and change… which is why this proposal is to create an active team, sourcing from local cryptomeetups to professional service providers to accomplish whatever comes.
I will also add into this details on where to catch updates of our progress.


Also, I have spoken with Derrick Broze and I expect to speak with others that already promote SmartCash. We will be setting events and creating opportunities for deep integration with festivals.
I will be putting forth another proposal whether or not this succeeds that will be a sponsorship and marketing campaign.
If we are successful in starting a front range CO team for SmartCash adoption and education, we will see an amazing amount of opportunities come out way.


This project is much needed in Colorado!

You have my vote :wink:


Thank you. I appreciate the inputand support.


Hi Corey ,
. We need more SmartCash adoption in USA and Colorado with Denver and Boulder are great places to continue SmartCash Adoption. For examplE: With mariguana legalization in Colorado many people are using criptos for buying there weed and SmartCash has a great oportunity of massive adoption there.

Do you have some examples of the website? or maybe a description of it?
I like your proposal and If you have any doubt on doing your proposal, don´t hesitate to ask.

PD. I used to live in Boulder, my dad studied his master degree in CU and we lived there from 1980 to 1984


The proposal will launch in a couple days.
The website I have is very basic, and will not represent what I’m proposing here. I dont want to give the wrong idea,so I’m not providing the site here.

I will be creating another proposal for the creation of a website later. If this one succeeds it will have built the foundational pieces for furthering the efforts of SmartCash WORLD and free market exchange everywhere.
As per this proposal I endeavor to build a SmartCash Team local to this region, generate merchant and user adoption and general awareness, and build the adequate container for large scale adoption through performance review and establish major market incursion.

I mean by this that I’d like to see major industry begin accepting Smart. This is a goal to be looked for.

I also want this region to become self sustaining through the branding and marketing of products for sale and through the acceptance of Smart on the website I will propose later. For now I will soon be adding SmartCash as a payment method on my own distribution business.


Thank you for the support! Infinite Blessings!



Previous proposals made were about very specific events - some got approved and some did not.

Last Public Relation Firm working from a proposal became a problem by itself.

I think its great that you are interested in SmartCash and want to get involved. I’m concerned that this pre-proposal would not get far if there was a Vote right now. Is your proposal about sponsoring your WORLD tables at events? … Is it about creating a SmartCash event? … is it to be there for SmartCash exclusively? where/when/how much for a specific event? Selling stuff ? Lots of salary but il seems to me it is not clear what you will really do with the funds …

Why “Inventory management” ? … what Smartcash inventory do you have that needs to have someone paid to Manage it?

Why 2700$ to a Branding strategist? … Is it what the proposal is about? (this could be a proposal by itself )

I think you would need to make it Way more clear and Way more specific if you want to get approved by the vote. Think Strategy to get the trust of the people… maybe extract one Event/part from your project and get this one approved ? … then expand with more…

Like I said I would like you to get involved. This seems very blurry to me and I’ve seen others already telling you that its not specific enough. Dont underestmate the comments… get more specific/simple/clear.


Oregon family here as well !!


I wouldn’t mind helping you break down a more concrete proposal.