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Short Intro
Greetings SmartCash community! My name is David Lynch and I’m 24 years old and am attending my last semester of college in the United States until I……. I have no idea. The past 4 years that I’ve been in school I have created two supplement e-commerce businesses, one with a partner and one by myself. After my partnership ended, I decided to go into consulting for individuals and businesses that didn’t know how to obtain an online presence. Now, about 9 months after first learning about cryptocurrencies I’m trying to transition from consulting and move into the cryptocurrency space.
SmartCash is EXACTLY the kind of project that is making me want to be a part of cryptocurrencies and I truly think millions of people out there would have the same thought if they knew more about it. So not only am I going to pitch one idea, but I am going to pitch two. While reading this over, please keep in mind that I am not only pitching these ideas to you all but I am asking for help along the way.
Marketing is truly an art that a lot of people don’t quite understand. If your marketing attempt has no psychological effect on a person, then it’s pretty much useless. With that being said, I want to bring up an awesome book I’ve read, and I’m sure many others have too, called “The 22 Immutable Laws of Marketing”. The #1 law in this book is called the Law of Leadership and that’s what I think the SmartCash community should focus on. The Law of Leadership is simply being the first to market with an idea. Some examples of this are: IBM with computers, Coca-Cola with sodas and Advil with ibuprofen. SmartCash should be focusing on being the first COMMUNITY coin and we should market the crap out of that until the word COMMUNITY coin pops in people’s heads EVERY time they hear the word SmartCash.
(AMOUNT = 400,000 SmartCash = $18,000)
There are millions of ideas out there to make us more community friendly but my idea focuses on something pretty simplistic and visually appealing to all new members and old members. That Idea is to start an e-commerce store for the SmartCash community. We can start the store with just a few everyday items with the SmartCash logo on them (coffee mugs, mousepads, magnets, ETC). Not only is this appealing to the community, but it’s also creating an asset for SmartCash. All profits can go back into SmartCash and it’ll be beneficial in two ways.

BUDGET (Current SmartCash Price 1 = $.045)
I would like this to be discussed as a community in case of a product change.
325,000 SmartCash for Inventory (1000 coffee mugs, mousepads, magnets, etc)
75,000 SmartCash for setting up the webstore (I need tech people for this :D)

If you think you can be of any assistance in these projects, let me know! Let’s take this community to the next level.

I’ve edited the original post to focus solely more on the store. Lil_Gunner made some good points.


I think a store on the website would be cool as I would personally buy a hoodie or t-shirt (something like that) not only is it a way to spend SmartCash as a currency, but its free marketing when others see the SmartCash logo.


Number 2 no because making a whole new youtube channel and giving you fundingv to build your pc. Idubbz made fun of this on kickstarter. Second why what winner so a person with no equipment is a big youtube what will help i don’t believe so. And we don’t need vaper ware. How do they even win the smartcash. Second off making a store and selling smartcash stuff. I don’t think we need to give you money to get a plugin on a bloging site then give you money to buy products to sell so who will get that money. So you buy products then sell them for more smartcash then you got. Seems like a dump.

Sorry for grammar pls give your opinion and convince me of your products you trying to sell go. Good luck have fun.


Sure, I’ll gladly back everything I just wrote down because I know the numbers make sense.
I keep up with countless content creators in the cryptocurrency industry and if you haven’t noticed they are growing at extraordinary rates.

The bad crypto podcast released their first podcast on July 18th and celebrated their 250000th download on September 25th. Do you know the power of having that many people listen to you?

I’m offering to give my time, the most valuable thing a person has, to dedicate an entertainment/educational channel to spread the word on SmartCash in order for it to grow. And I know with the communities help, this can be off the ground in less than a month.


Ok lol sorry it is hard to type walking. Podcasts and youtube is a job. We all ready have a program for youtube videos called smartcash ambassador program were we all ready do the same. (FINISHED) Introducing the Incentivized Ambassador Program! Got skills? Help us grow & get paid! . So look your job has already been done execpt we didn’t ask for 5k dollars we did it for around 200 smartcash at the time i wrote how to was 2$. So wow we already do that and your request was also ask for making guides for smartcash. Look we already have a bountry for a video series who know [Bounty] 200,000 SmartCash for in depth video series explaining SmartCash features . So it looks like we already asked this so there i gaave you the resources for things you are trying to to but have already been done lol. Sorry but youtube is a career a job and the community are putting out videos because they support it lol :P.


My apologies. I should have known that program before making this post.
But I assure you, my target audience isn’t the same as an in depth video of SmartCash haha. I’m aiming towards the masses. Im trying to bring more individuals into cryptocurrencies by teaching them about it in a fun, rewarding way. Obviously, it’ll favor SmartCash over other cryptocurrencies but it’ll also be about many more cryptocurrencies.

Maybe I’ll get this started by myself and later transition to a proposal if needed. I didn’t mean for this to sound like a hand out. I think my two proposals would go great together and be extremely effective for gathering a following for SmartCash.


If a store front was set up, I wouldn’t mind assisting with the product sourcing, warehousing, and dropshipping. I also have quite a bit of experience in that area. If everything is sold at cost, maybe slightly over cost to count for mishaps, it’s a cool idea. The problem arises with Tax IDs and whatnot. what country are you selling out of? etc etc


I’ve sent you a PM. Great idea btw!


Hey Jsilk, those will be great skills to have! Thanks!
I’m out of the United States but that’s not necessarily where we have to sell out of. I’d love to get some great minds together to think of an effective launch. I just wanted to get the idea brewing in everyone’s head.


Yeah I think the store will be a good first step. If we could get that going then I wouldn’t be against helping you get started with the youtube channel as well. Plus potentially if we direct all profits left over after operating expenses into the Hive pool which in a way itself is purely operating expenses we could avoid the tax problems. If we base the business somewhere with less restriction but in the end only use profits for the Hive pool I don’t think anyone would mind. I’m not sure how hard this would be however.


Not to discourage, but your ideas do not speak to me at all.

I am not a fan of that kind of shop, it sounds like a purely commercial and capitalist way of approaching things. Which I think cryptocurrency should actually try to get rid of.

I would not vote for this.

The second idea in regards to youtube is totally unnecessary, and the smart team solved this already by doing the contests. All the rest will follow. What I do think is interesting is that the founders could do interviews with well known youtubers to gain insight in SmartCash and spread its message. But your request to get funded for starting a youtube channel which will address cryptocurrency in general sounds very egocentric in a way and I’d be sad if the funds from smart would go to such individual projects.

My opinion here,


Agreed on the YouTube channel, terrible use of funds. plus the Hive has created a wonderful approach with their contest to generate this kind of thing. As far as the store, still think its a cool idea. i’m not talking anything crazy, but some shirts and a few other little swag items would be cool in my opinion. there is no better marketing than by someone asking, hey whats SmartCash when youre wearing a shirt our in public or drinking your cup of morning joe at the office? it’s not like the guy is gonna make money off this thing. if he doesn’t do it, someone else will. maybe the marketing/PR hive team could address this and not leave it up to a proposal.


Think about what would create value for SmartCash. Is it creating a bunch of stuff and selling it? Or is it getting that swag in the hands of potential users? And by having a store you pretty much are only selling to existing users. Think about other ways to distribute like an event/concert/conference…then go back to what it would take to make enough swag for the people you expect.

If you like the idea of a store. Cafepress ( can do what you want. Just upload images and they do the rest. Maybe all you really need to do is make the images. Then that is a much simpler task and the community can probably have fun submitting the different designs and ideas.


I think @Solarminer makes great points.

Also, I’m not really a fan of community products as most of the time, they are just ugly or useless (I can’t even count the number of low quality goodies I got here and there). I agree that putting forward the community aspect of SmartCash is a good idea, but goodies with the logo of SmartCash don’t really tell anything about the specificities of our community (except you find a way to express its democratic aspect).


I appreciate everyone’s input, especially those of you who messaged me!
I’m not going to send in this proposal because it sounds like that’s what the community wants. That’s alright! I’ll be sticking around regardless and hope to have a better proposal in the future.