Smartcash, crypto-disruption in Venezuela! Game changing times!


Without doubts, Smartcash comes to play a great roll among crypto users in our country thanks to all its great features. We have to thank Smart team for choosing Venezuela for its launching.

There has been a lot of efforts from the SmartCash-VE team deployed in the south of the country. We have seen how they have been working hard in order to massify its use.

MonkeyCoin will be the bridge for Venezuelans to reach SmartCash with our national currency. We share the values of the community and we believe this is an amazing project truly innovative and disrupting.

We are still a few days away from going Live, when that happens we will deploy an amazing giveaway! We will announce the conditions once we go Live. Basically there will be a huge amount of new users that will claim their Smart and will promote on their social networks to get it.

This is a snowball growing fast! How big can it get? Well, it will be huge, it already is! Venezuela is a country were there are several thousands of crypto users using crypto on a daily basis to pay, buy, trade, goods and services and now Smartcash will replace the current trends thanks to all the features that make it so special.

We are strong believers that Venezuelans will adopt it massively, this is why we are getting our voices out everyday and participating in the massification process to achieve it sooner. We are making history along with Smartcash in Venezuela!

Are you ready? Are you? Wait for it!! …