Smartcash - Ebook and Audiobook


Proposal Name

“Smartcash - The journey”

First book about Smartcash and the impact on people’s lives.


Publish the first 30.000 words book about Smartcash and his projects and history



Millions of people read books every day. In the United States, people read 12 books a year.

In addition, books usually provide credibility on a subject, studies that show that when a topic begins to have vast bibliography, has to have more interest.

Most books tend to be technical and for average person this can be tedious.

“Smartcash: The Jouney” is a book that tells the people story’s who have been impacted by technology and how it has changed their lives completely. It’s a book to inspire people, to read them going to work, to give parents gifts for their children.

The Objective

Promote Smartcash to 3 million readers in Amazon’s readers e Ubook listeners.


The Book : “ Smartcash: The Journey”.

Why this name?

Because reinforces Smartcash brand in all readers.

Will be a book for the cryptocurrency public?

No, and yes. Who know crypto will learn more about Smartcash, but target audience is average people.

How many people will read this book?

The conservative goal is 10,000 people. In case the book becomes viral, this number can increase much more.

10 000 readers is a lot! How do you plan to reach this number?

At “ Futuro Descentralizado”, the biggest brazilian web series about cryptocurrency, we reached 28.742 people organically only at Brazil at first year. This project will be writing in English and translated to Spanish and Portuguese. 10.000 people is a conservative number.

What is the marketing strategy?

I am part of a community of entrepreneurs and enthusiasts on the subject of technology in Brazil with more than 400,000 people.

This book has the potential to leverage tens of thousands of people with organic reach.

Once the book reaches the most read list, it can reach millions of people.

That is why it is essential that it be written and edited and recorded in the best quality by the best professionals.

Once the book is became famous, it can be translated to other languages.

What are the marketing channels?

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Amazon and Ubook.

Ubook is the biggest audiobook platform in Latin America.

Which platforms will be used to publish the book and why?

Amazon, because it is the biggest bookstore in the world, more than 3 million readers. Once it became a success, the book cover go to the main page.

Ubook is a platform the biggest for audiobooks platform in Latin America, and this not a single material about SmartCash their.

How are you going to make a average person read 30,000 words about Smartcash?

Good question!

People like to read about people. Game of Thrones, Harry Potter , Lord of the Rings… all this histories talk about people in their journey.

“ Smartcash: the journey” is a book about people work in Smartcash, creating projects, developing solutions, changing people’s lives.

Timeline for Execution

1/June: Book writing

1/July: Book editing and translating to Spanish and Portuguese

20/July : Audio recording and Editing

1/August: Book publication and Marketing

Expected Results


I will write and coordinate this project.

It will be wire a professional editor to edit the book, professional design to design the book cover and professional audio recorder.


Writing 1000

Professional Editing 200

Professional Book cover Design 100

Translation to Spanish and Portuguese 500

Audio recording and editing 1800

Marketing ** 0

Total investment 3600