Smartcash exceeded expectations at the first important event of the American capital of culture 2018


Our SmartCash community exceeded their expectations at the first Grand Event held on September 15 at the Paradise Hotel in Puerto La Cruz.

The state Anzoategui remained as the American Capital of Culture 2018, and opened the doors to present the novel proposal of the digital economy to enthusiasts and the public.

The co-founders of SmartCash Lechería, Fravel Ballesteros and Rafael Guzmán, provided valuable information to those present about cryptocurrencies and the positive impact they bring to Venezuela in the forms of payments, transactions and investments with SmartCash

Grateful for the increasing attention we received in our interactive booth, attendees were awarded with shirts and SmartCash.

We congratulate and thank the organizers of Oriente Emprende for contributing and contributing a grain of sand in the economic development of our state


Waooo !! Great I love your work :grin: in which country did that conference?


Thank you for your words the conference was held in Venezuela on September 15.


Great job. When people aproach with questions holding their smartphone is because they will use SmartCash.


Nice work! That’s great to see grassroots involvement like this to help build up the peer to peer community.


Thank you, totally when the message reaches the people, the first thing they want to learn how to use the wallet and the truth that fills us with sastifacion :grinning:


Thank you very much for your comment @mark-smartcash, the event was a success the receptivity of the people to know more about smartcash.


Good job you guys! I really like when people are doing Smartcash events with the shirts, sign, etc. well done!


Well Done Team !