SmartCash Focused Mobile-App-Creation platform and Merchant-directory App


Hi, SmartCash Community.

My name is ChrisMaker and I LOVE SmartCash.
I live in Denmark and have been working as a software developer since 1997. I became aware of Bitcoin in 2011 and became heavily involved in the crypto space as a developer from 2015.

I was excited when Dash was launched (rebranded) and followed ALL the other Masternode projects, basically just Dash-clones - most of them at least…and then, I discovered SmartCash thanks to Ben Swann.

SmartCash is truely the ONLY user-friendly and merchant-friendly crypto in the space and I need to push adoption heavily for SmartCash in 2019 and 2020 regardless the voting results of my projects.

To do this, me and my team in Denmark have planned several proposals, product launches and promotion setups for the next months.

Our first proposal is a “SmartCash Focused Mobile-App-Creation platform and Merchant-directory App”. The app will both be developed for web, Android and iOS.

Following weekly live events with the developers on youtube to educate and show the features.

The users will be able to create, design, copy, share and live-edit their own apps without any coding knowledge. Easy app creation with a few clicks or tabs.

A user app will be instantly available on both Android and iOS (optional), as well as on mobile web and can be activated for the merchant directory instantly by one click.

The platform will be exclusively integrated with the SmartCash eco-system:

  • A SmartCash only web-wallet will be integrated
  • A SmartCash shop-module will be available
  • The SmartCard system will be available as an in-app module
  • Several other SmartCash integrated modules will be available

The user will get a free SmartCash platform-wallet and merchants will get access to easy-to-use tools to promote their businesses more effectively by accepting SmartCash.

The SmartCash community gets a new tool with a real use-case
The platform will be available for everyone! Even the unbanked, the un-skilled or the average non-tech person who just wants to be part of the exciting new world of crypto and SmartCash.

The platform will:

  • be multi-language and easy to understand
  • reduce the SmartCash supply as it grows
  • increase the scarcity as well as the demand for SmartCash.
  • be even more attractive for merchants
  • be an exclusive SmartCash-only option
  • increase the volume of SmartCash transactions
  • provide additional options for both miners and holders of SmartCash to earn additional profits
  • overall benefit the SmartCash ecosystem with another great tool.

I hope you will support our project with your much appriciatet vote to get this funded
asap. We will surprise you with a working system very, very soon.

Interested in more info? << Click here >>

Thanks for your support.

Best Regards,