SmartCash for Newly Admitted Students of The University of Cape Coast (UPDATED)


Hello SmartCash community, please leave any comments on my preproposal:

Having consulted some members of the SmartHive, I have revised my previous proposal #507 and I hope it meets the kind consideration of all ( The previous proposal didn’t pass the test of voting with a little deviation of 2.66% (50.72% voted No while 48.06% voted Yes). In an attempt to act on the suggestions of some sampled Smarties, I have restructured the failed proposal hoping that You give me the chance to contribute my quota to this incentivized decentralized community.

I aim at contributing to the ultimate goal of massive adoption and usability by introducing SmartCash to newly admitted students of the 2018/2019 academic year. These fresh students represent a ‘Virgin Publics’ and do not probably have any idea about cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. It serves as an opportunity to introduce SmartCash to them as they start their journeys to getting their first degree.

This is obviously not a new idea to this community but I believe that even existing ideas can prove viable and significant when introduced well to new markets. This is known as Market Development which proves beneficial as a growth strategy.

Who am I?

I am Alhassan Abdul Basit on Facebook (( and @Mr. SmartCash on the Discord community. I am a Bachelor of Commerce graduand and a SmartCash advocate in the University of Cape Coast. Just like everyone here, I believe that SmartCash is the future and a real example of a 21st century currency because of its incentivized and decentralized nature. I also believe that students should be our target if we really want to precipitate the massive adoption and invasion of SmartCash as a generally accepted medium of exchange. My vision is to see SmartCash adopted as a store of value and medium of exchange inside the University of Cape Coast and beyond.

What’s our aim?

Basically, our goal is to introduce SmartCash to a new set of publics (Fresh University Students) through a workshop/seminar. If approved, this shall further increase the size of the SmartCash community and aid the massive adoption and usability of SmartCash.
Execution of this project will trigger the invasion of SmartCash as a generally accepted medium of exchange and also educate students on all the benefits and merits of using SmartCash against other cryptocurrencies.

Action Plan
A workshop/seminar shall be organized inside the University community to educate Students about SmartCash. The education and training outline for participants is detailed below:

•At the workshop, all participants will be given a general education on the Blockchain technology and crypto currencies. They will be lectured on SmartCash and given practical training on how to set up Smart Wallets and its features, how to send/receive SmartCash, buying/selling SmartCash on local exchanges and the merits of choosing SmartCash over other Crypto Currencies. Participants will also be educated on why they should invest in SmartCash with respect to SmartRewards and SmartHive projects.

Timeline for the project

This project shall be executed on 22nd September, 2018.

Proposal Budget:
All amounts are in US dollars

Transportation 115

Hiring Venue for Workshop 255

Refreshments for all Participants 150

SmartCash T-shirts 300

Communication, Publicity, data calls 90

Photographer/Cameraman 150

Tokens for Participants in SMARTS 50

Banner for Workshop 130

Sub-total 1240

Contingency (5%*1240) 62

TOTAL 1302

We are therefore asking for $1302 or equivalent number of SMARTS to execute this project.

We shall make every necessary progress reports, photos and videos available to members of this community.


@mark-smartcash, I have revised my previous proposal #507 to this. I want to pursue a market development strategy by introducing and existing idea to a new market (publics). This could prove beneficial as a growth strategy. What do U think?


Could you share what the primary revisions are?


@mark-smartcash, In the previous proposal I aimed at organizing 5 different workshops at hall levels within the University. In this current one I’m organizing just one big workshop to educate my audience. There’s a significant cost reduction from $2940 to $1302. I’m going for a bigger venue this time and more work will be done on publicity so as to involve as many fresh students as possible…